Black Friday for WRC Fans: my top 8 useful gifts.

WRC Official
WRC Official

Boys and girls, Black Friday starts! What’s the better gift for the motorsport fan? What’re new WRC gifts? Are those profitable, useful? I’m looking at over the WRC official web for finding those answers! And found top useful gifts with best Black Friday sales prices! Let’s go!


What? Annual Subscription for watching the FIA World Rally Championship with more than 25 hours of live coverage from every Rally including continuous Live TV Studio with expert analysis and behind the scene stories Live from Service Park.

Price: €89.99 + shipping fees & possible taxes

Profitable by Black Friday sale?
Yes, the price of the regular subscription is 8.89 EUR, so it would be 106.68 EUR. 

When you have paid for the annual subscription you will receive via email an electronic gift card, which has a unique code that activates the subscription. The code will be delivered within 4 days.
The electronic gift card can be printed and then handed out to the precious gift receiver.

I’ve already bought it, but you should know there are possible taxes. Here is an official link to know more

WRC Official
WRC Official


What? I like personal touches and sweet things. So, my second godsend gift is a pretty mug. I show you 2 because I had chosen all best on this website.

Price: €9.90 + shipping fees; possible taxes

Yes, a regular price  €18.00 – 25,00.

The mug is 100% porcelain. The WRC -logo is laser engraved and the stripes are printed.

Note: just look at another one, but there is no discount.

WRC Official
WRC Official

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Team Mug

Price: €18.00
Not sure about beneficial, but still like this nice mug.

What a racing Black Friday’ sales without real WRC games! I can not imagine gifts without this!

3. WRC 8 Deluxe Edition PS4 Game

What?  The most waited game 2019 for PS4; deluxe edition includes: a collector steelbook (metallic box); 3months free access to WRC+ All Live; 3 historical cars as in-game bonus

Price: €78.90 + shipping fees; possible taxes

Profitable by Black Friday sale?
No, only if it’s a gift for a huge WRC fan and gamer because it’s not a good combination: it looks like there are all in, but it’s just a PS game, a subscription is for 3 months only. I wouldn’t buy. Same Black Friday sale but for Xbox is here

Note: I think needs to decide to watch or to play racing. If we already know about what to watch in p. 1, so let’s find another profitable substitute for gaming. It’s not a secret, Black Friday sales starting in Play Station Store too.  In this way, look at WRC games collection

This is a really popular thing for those who love traveling. 

4. WRC Anti-Theft Backpack

Not sure that it looks very stylish, but all your values will be safe. At least about this talking official merchandise
Show the crooks the middle finger! 
Price: €69.00 €29.90 + shipping fees; possible taxes

Anti-Theft Backpack

15″ laptop and tablet compartments 
Pocket for cards Hidden zipped opening 
Pocket for mobile phone with cable access 
Size (cm): 40 x 30 x 22 cm 
Weight: 630 g
Profitable?  Absolutely. 
Just like a huge happy day for all travelers, next useful gift make people stay hydrated all the time.  

WRC official

WRC Official
WRC Official

5. WRC Water Bottle

What? A sturdy, black water bottle made of metal with the WRC logo.
Price: €25.00 + shipping fees; possible taxes

No best sales prices, but a very useful thing, especially when you’re going to WRC stage.

Well, if you looking for the best sale, then it’s about clothes with the official WRC logo. This Black Friday cutting the price.

WRC Official
WRC Official

6. Clothes – hoodies.

Price: €80.00 €50.00 + shipping fees, possible taxes 
“This new WRC hoodie 100 % cotton and 100 % fabulous. It´s cool on the outside and warm in the inside – just like a proper hoodie should be.”
Note: I haven’t this in my wardrobe, so not sure to say how’s good and comfortable it is, but bestseller, absolutely.
The same for your girlfriend is here
Also, you could buy something notable with special colors edition, look here

7. Clothes – cap less than 10 EUR.

Price: €10.00, regular – 15 – 30€ + shipping fees; possible taxes.
Many different brand caps. I think it’s an interesting gift for all your colleges if they’re racing fans ?

Toyota, Citroen for your best imagination.

WRC Official
WRC Official

8. Cars models: Hyundai Model car 

If there is Black Friday comes to WRC official and everything is on sale, why car models cost the same? ?
What? Car model 1:43 – 2019 Hyundai Tour de Corse
Price: €50.00 + shipping fees; possible taxes
I will buy it if it wouldn’t be so small, but this that one car copy of  Mr. Neuville I20. Hi Thierry ?
I hope it’s a good small copy.
Size: mm. 96.9 x 43.5 x 33.2

WRC Official
WRC Official

Who doesn’t like to collect cars, especially when it’s about WRC racing cars? Many motorsport fans do it in special shops: there are some websites for collectors.

Some time ago I wrote about accessories and merchandises, Good car models should be bought on the official brand website.
Profitable?  50/50

You could find all those goods on the official shop by this link, using the searching tool. Be aware, look attention on: sizes, delivery time and price.

While I was writing this post, I came up with a great idea for the WRC official shop.  
I spent a lot of time to understand your range but didn’t find what really needed. It’s about the kind of accessory for using every day. There are no beautiful planners or organizers at the WRC shop. It would be nice to see a familiar logo. I think you are agreed. 

Next time we will be looking to official F1 shop’s Black Friday sales!