Why people love Lewis Hamilton and you would have too?

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton
Formula 1 driver and just a simple guy Lewis Hamilton could be world champion 2019. Formula 1 fans don’t stop to talk about Mr. Hamilton, moreover, all world doesn’t too.
Why Lewis Hamilton adorable so much? You probably would say ‘he’s always faster and loves what he do’ or ‘he’s the best f1 driver and looks no ordinary’, meanwhile you friend will say ‘he’s a fake person and the champion because of Mercedes AMG F1 car’s power”.
For example, Mr. Jack Villeneuve absolutely agrees if we put this f1 driver into another Formula 1 car, he won’t be a champion. So, if even Jack Villeneuve told this, how we could stay aside and don’t pay attention that Lewis HAmlton has a secret charisma charm that makes people think about him always.
Perhaps, he’s acting like a superstar?
Some years ago Lewis Hamilton was getting at the most popular Russian TV Show (Evening Urgant). The ad of it was for a week before, motorsport fans prepared to see Formula 1 star. 

Lewis Hamilton
Russian TV Show

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Do you think they saw a star? No, it was a simple guy with easy talking and very glad to speak about easy things.

Simplicity, calmness and no boorishness.

Lewis Hamilton is a very simple person. It looks like he’s already ready to talk with you about everything: at Formula 1 rules to what to wear and what makes people happy articles, even if it’s about social media. Meanwhile, he hasn’t boorishness when someone asks bad provocateur questions, never aggressive with fans.
Ah, Lewis share with us your magical charisma!

Don’t blow the money but doing charity!

Did you saw Lewis Hamilton’s plane? No, then very sad, because he sold a red candy jet.

The F1 world champion took delivery of the £25million Bombardier Challenger 605 in 2013 and regularly featured on his social media as he used it to jet across the globe.

Formula 1 driver is a high-paid sportsman, but don’t think we need to know how has he spend the money, but we can’t forget he did a charity. Lewis Hamilton has supported the following charities:  Education Africa, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Harlem Children’s Zone, Save the Children, The Honeypot Children’s Charity, UNICEF, PETA
I took carefully some resources: people casually decided that he’s helping everyone, and asking ‘How to meet Lewis Hamilton”. Just ahead, in case if you would too, Formula 1 champion is very active in social media, so ….any chance.  

It makes us respect him more and more.

He loves animals and caring about nature.

Generally, there is not so simple with ecology on the Earth: it’s about global warming and world pollution, and the disappearance of rare animals. Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton is a vegan, he has two dogs Roscoe and Coco. And, if you ask him “How’s your vacation”, you probably will know that Lewis had been cleaning the ocean or fought to stop whaling in Japan just a few days ago.
But to clean the world ocean and to take out the trash in your room aren’t the same things, at all. Moreover, when some country’s forest is being in a fire or some beautiful animals are suffering, Lewis Hamilton is ready to help. I just very care about nature and do-follow Formula 1 driver Instagram too.

Formula 1 driver loves what he’s doing and doing what he’s loving.

Once upon a time, we saw he took rides with Mr. Frank Williams, it was youtube video. Mr Frank Williams carried if Lewis will crash the car, but it was Formula 1 driver personal car. Just like this – take the car with your trip too.
Cars are cars, but there is a lot of others! So, you don’t have to worry if the next time you see Formula 1 champion on the Tommy Hilfiger runway show. He hasn’t changed the job, he just has a lot of interests, what is most important- he doesn’t hesitate to talk about it!


Creative person, individuality. Perhaps, you thought about art and creativity. Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton is that one who has his own manners, style of talking, dressing.

Like it or not, but Lewis Hamilton is a modern champion. Even if you aren’t agreed, we would be talking about him: good or bad things doesn’t matter for him. In this case, who cares is he right or wrong if he inspired for good things so many people! Thank you, Lewis, for everything that you do!