Top WRC Power Stages that probably you have to rewatch in 2019

WRC Power Stages
Photo by Costa Smeralda portal

       How often do you rewatch WRC rounds often? What about the epic wolf PS? Power stage is broadcasted live and ends with a podium ceremony on the last day of the rally. Additional World Championship points are available to the top five crews through the stage regardless of where they actually finished in the rally. So, even when a driver has had some bad luck during the other stages of the rally, he still has a chance to collect vital points in his drive for victory.
Wikipedia never lies.
Usually, there are the most impressive emotions for teams and drivers and for spectators. Prepared the best PS in World Rally Championship 2019 for you.

WRC Sweden Power Stage and WRC Finland - because of jumps up the snow. 

Moreover, if you don't like skis, but snow jumps are loved by you, then look at how those guys get high for 40 meters on Colin's Crest 

WRC Portugal Power Stage because of flying. 

If snow jumps don't inspire you then some fly highs will do it. By the way, Gus Greensmith had bad incident exactly at this place. It was scary, we were very nervous about him. 

WRC Argentina Power Stage because of people so much. 

Flying highs and race car jumps could make you've like WRC racing more, but it's dangerous, when there is a lot of people, in sense of 'huge towards'. 

WRC Tour de Corse Power Stage because of the full colors of racing emotions. 

M-Sport driver Elfyn Evans had a chance to get win WRC Corsica, but one bad luck could change everything. But if ms Luckiness left you, it means that it chooses the other, but only for today. 

WRC Sardinia Power Stage because sometimes it's about each one of us. 

No matter what Toyota Gazoo Racing driver Ott Tanak told to press, but the matter is how he took his unexpectable bad luck. 

Taisiya Lavi

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