Top 5 motorsport books shortlist

Taisiya Lavi 10:49 PM
Top 5 motorsport books
What kind of books about motorsport to read? Searching something similar: easy, with true stories about motorsport racing? Let's do it together. Let's look for the most popular books on Amazon!

#5. Enzo Ferrari: Power, Politics and the Making of an Automobile Empire by Luca Dal Monte. Why yes? Many people around the world agreed it's that book you need to read because it's more than about cars, it's about a unique person, a strong man and his not easy life. Why not? Many motorsports fans told this book language isn't very easy.

Top 5 motorsport books
#4 One of the most popular motorsport books in Eastern Europe. The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen by Kari Hotakainen. Why yes? Many Formula 1 fan told its book wrote very well, many hidden things about Formula 1. Why not? Sometimes it isn't good understanding for no Formula 1 fan.
Top 5 motorsport books

#3 I remember the time when everyone had wanted to read this. How to Drive: The Ultimate Guide, from The Man Who Was The Stig by Ben Collins. I didn't read it, but this motorsports book must be in this note.

Top 5 motorsport books
#2 The top. If you didn't read it means only one - you aren't true Formula 1 fan. This motorsport book is a real must-have for reading lovers. Aussie Grit: My Formula One Journey: My Formula One Journey by Mark Webber. Why yes?

Top 5 motorsport books
#1 One of the true and easy books about Formula 1 racing to read. True bestseller without any 'no'. The best. Time goes by, but this book will have a popularity for many tens years ahead, only if Mr. Adrian Newey wouldn't decide to write new. How to Build a Car. It's not the secret, many future mechanics in world motorsport had read it, and agreed - the best book.
Top 5 motorsport books

What else has to note?

Watching the Wheels: My Autobiography by Damon Hill in this note, because I'm waiting for it.

Naked Paddock Paperback by M. K. Ducote. That kind of book always has been a different view of motorsport racing.

You can find all the books at this (amazon link attached). Hope this shortlist was useful for you, did you read something of it?

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