WRC Turkey should stay in rally calendar for 2020

WRC Turkey

There are rumors about countries in the rally calendar next year, which will be declined for WRC rally 2020.

The latest version of the calendar is believed to list Monte Carlo, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Sardinia, Kenya, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, Turkey, GB, and Japan (by Autosport.com

WRC Turkey should stay for 2020 

Rally Turkey must be persisted in the calendar of the rally 2020,  definitely at 85%, but the organization should be better at 15% for next year. So, let’s do not be to engage in speculation of rumors, and look for common reasons, Agreed?  No, then look at what my reasons are.

1. Those stones. Not so long ago, someone said that the rally Turkey with such sharp stones is the unacceptable racing track, it creates an additional danger for the cars. However, each WRC round in the calendar 2019 has its own unique atmosphere, landscapes, and road surface. Sharp rocks at the WRC Turkey create further danger, as well as ice in Monte Carlo. Turkey’s stages could be revised, and the route can be changed in an extreme case. Logical?

WRC Turkey
2. WRC fans flow. Perhaps, this is a key moment. WRC Turkey should be saved because it is still the most visited stage for fans from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, then Finland, and then Germany and Spain have popularity. At least this is the demand that can be seen on forums and the publics. In this order, people asked for tickets WRC and requested advice about traveling groups.  Such popularity is being because of the visa issue, as well as the cost of flights, accommodation and general prices in Turkey.

3. Way of communication. Everything is simple with that, to get from point A to B is much easier than anywhere else. Necessary to say – ” compared with Corsica”. Many fans from Russia planned to visit Corsica stage in 2019. However, those who’ve been at this stage said that it is very difficult with the way of communications.
This is probably enough for positive points because all good is the same for others, but we talking about rally Turkey. Should be noted the good direction for WRC races in 2020. If you read a few interviews with Mr. Oliver Ciesla, it becomes quite clear why 16 stages in WRC calendar is a good idea. But, back to the rally Turkey. We have 15 % for changing. I have a whole suitcase full of high expectations and its still standing since June when I was going to Turkey. Unpacking!

WRC Turkey
WRC Turkey official

WRC Turkey changings plan last 15 % to being one of the best rounds for motorsport fan in WRC calendar. 1. PR promotion. There can be any number of reasons for, but all the information about WRC Turkey (schedule, information about tickets, hotels, etc.) should begin on average for 3 months, and for six months preferably. Look at Finland or Monte Carlo rally. We saw their first poster at the end of August! Why? Many people (I’m talking about my example) plan their trips in advance: in advance – it is not a month. It was uncomfortable. Yes, there are no so many fans as in Finland, I agree, but I think it ‘s profitable if you doing development Motorsport in cities and countries where a lot of tourists.

2. Tickets sell delaying.
Tickets by category (for non-Turkish citizens) went on online sale about a month (I may be wrong, but probably even less, but it’s about internet sales only). So, at the time when needed being to sit on the suitcases, tickets weren’t yet. And, no opportunities to know more information. Chagrin was in my suitcase.

3. Feedback.

Of all the forms of communication, I had the only the mail of all forms for communication, and following the news and Instagram account. The news came, my Instagram worked. There went the information closer to the days of rally Turkey: about hotels, transfers, etc. More information was hard to come by. If there was a “Expect soon” message, fine but it wasn’t. I may be wrong and all my questions had been decided by email, but the desire to write was gone.

But even these 15 % are just little things. I believe that WRC Turkey round has its own unique character and temperament, culture and finally the atmosphere. Therefore, Turkey rally must be in WRC calendar 2020.
At least that’s what I’m for. Well, while a box of Turkish sweets is still lying in my kitchen, I will unpack my suitcase of high expectations and will wait for news about the rally Turkey, but for 2020.
All good for all!