Ferrari Formula 1 drivers: who’s the first now?

Ferrari Formula 1 drivers

The idea to write this post was born by chance. Of course, I’m not Mr. J. Villeneuve and don’t try to interfere in men’s affairs and everything would be fine if not for yesterday’s story. 
As you remember Italian GP ended with joyful applause, shouts and an indescribable good atmosphere at the Monza circuit; Scuderia Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc won. The real celebration, but it was a feast only for one side Scuderia Ferrari boxes because the second side failed race: S.Vettel get an unpleasant incident (finished 13). 


Everything was going good till the moment when one of the TV commentators say the following: 
– “What are you doing!? What (a hell) are you doing!?  
– Well, that! Then don’t be surprised if any other driver also will do it with you!.... 
My first thought – just racing emotions. TV commentator completed 
– “What do you mean he didn’t saw him? How couldn’t?” 
You know, then I thought –  I’m sorry? This man stands for his favorite team Scuderia Ferrari on its favorite racetrack Monza circuit!  So, how’s possible to see when emotions are beating over the edge, if S. Vettel wants to win, win at all costs!? 
Agreed? At all costs! 
Take a break and count how many times S. Vettel was ready to win at any cost this year. 

Was it 100% justified? Not, but he is working at the limits of his capabilities at 100%!

At all costs at the limits capabilities at 100%! But it’s never enough. 
I don’t want to upset any of Sebastian Vettel’s fans as don’t I want to be gladding with his haters, but it looks like to love a woman unrequitedly: everything is for her, but she still prefers someone else at the end. 

Why do I say that? Because I think that Scuderia Ferrari management setting priorities by somehow mentally ways so sequence numbers of F1 team drivers lose the matter: they choose class favorite. However, I don’t believe that a person, who works at the limits at 100%, could be called a loser of the Scuderia team’ class.  Of course neither you nor I, no one knows what’s going on behind the closed doors, otherwise, Mr. Vettel would have left this classroom immediately. 
Ferrari Formula 1 drivers
I have great respect for Sebastian Vettel as a person and appreciate his talent and courage eminently. So I think that the following posts and articles are unacceptable on the Internet, especially from prestigious journalists.
With great respect, but in Mr. Mattia Binotto place, I would be ashamed to read such things about his team. 

Just think about the next ones.

“Vettel must clear the way for Leclerc,” – La Repubblica newspaper.

“After 13 Grand Prix, Ferrari has realised that Leclerc is the right man to take over Maranello’s legacy.”- Corriere dello Sport

“Vettel’s humiliation now seems final,” Die Welt newspaper 

“There will still be opportunities for Seb. We go race by race and the best will be in front,”- by “Sportsmole”

“Vettel time to think about leaving…..  Leclerc is the hope for Ferrari” – (Russian edition)
Ferrari Formula 1 drivers

Another question is, it doesn’t take just so, then there is a reason? So journalists have a reason, because like me and you, we saw those titles about Scuderia Ferrari driver not for the first time! Moreover on authority web magazines.
Probably you would ask what M. Binotto says? Although, I think you already know.
M. Binotto after the race:
I can tell you what it feels like to a Ferrari person, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a team boss or a mechanic, this is just a great feeling,” 
“I haven’t talked to Seb yet,” Binotto said. “Not yet, he’s busy doing interviews. I’ll see him later. It is really a shame.
“He was closing the gap on Bottas ahead so he could have had a good race as well today. It’s a shame, but I’ve not spoken to him.”  – Mattia Binotto to Sky Sports F1.
Sebastian Vettel to his credit said no one bad word to the Scuderia Ferrari F1 management, he doesn’t complain, at least there is no information from popular sources.
About M. Binotto:
“His role is different (compared to before), but the team is very similar to 12 months ago.  But I think that’s positive.
“We have to improve.  We have to become stronger as a team. Only the coming months will show if we have chosen the right direction.
“But Mattia is doing very well and keeping everyone together.  At the same time, he reminds us of where we want to go.”

Sure it’s very hard work. I can’t imagine how much effort and nerves to properly position both, to manage Scuderia Ferrari.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the team bosses are the best and most deserving people, I just want to point out what’s happening now is wrong. Why?

Ferrari Formula 1 drivers
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How many bad words about Mercedes AMG F1 team tactics we heard, and Mr. Toto Wolff too,  Mercedes AMG F1 team is a great example!  But event there, yes dear Nico Rosberg (I know you’re reading this) always being a chance: call it mental, technical, or as you want, but the opportunity to be the first -to be on equal terms.
We’re told the first and second drivers numbers, but they’re both in action. When Mercedes racers are starting out, we talk about the driver and the driver, not driver and assistant. That’s why V. Bottas is still there in a team.
I don’t remember such case that something like this talking was about someone Mercedes AMG F1 drivers:
time to think about leaving….., 
L. Hamilton is the hope of team…., no.
Of course in public speeches, we hear about S. Vettel qualities so loudly, it seems that case isn’t in Scuderia Ferrari Team, but the problem is in the German driver. Aren’t racer problems a team’ problems too?

Ferrari Formula 1 drivers

Personally, I know of a dozen examples where if one wins, and the other driver didn’t finish in the top 10, so the race win doesn’t mean full winning, moreover, it means “not so good as we wanted”. Why? Because Autosports team is a family for the racer, it means supporting and aiding. Drivers, mechanics, bosses are the one big family, Yes, because all those guys spend more time with the team than with families. There shouldn’t be favorites and losers here. 
Here are both, worthy, both working the benefit  – championship title. Formula 1 team – is the family where you being supported and encouraged, where both are equal, without matter of difference by age, experience, and skills.
I wrote this post, not for purposing someone to blame and I’m not a fan of any other F1 team, no. I did it because I really like Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team, I admire the talent of each of this big family and that’s why it’s so important to me. Peace and hugs.