5 Things about Formula 1 your boss wants to know

Things about Formula 1
Formula 1

Russian Grand Prix racing weekend ended, but your working week has started. Sochi race was as difficult as instructive. What keys to success and what your boss wants to know about it? What’s about sports management?

1. Reprimand or reward?

All employees need encouragement and the most talented and fastest need bonuses. People working more effective when the boss has been marking each employee’s achievement. This is the first key to success. This is what Scuderia Ferrari drivers have proved at Russian Grand Prix. That goes for sports management and your boss too. But what kind of prize: a large censure or pleasant reward? Scuderia Ferrari team bosses already know the answer much better than others.

2. Teamwork is above all, and the whole team goal is one big common purpose.

We had been talking wrong about Mercedes AMG Formula 1 team orders. But everything changes when Ferrari team tactics become to work. It becomes clear important everyone works as one big harmonious and cohesive mechanism. Especially, against the backdrop of red cars. Agreed with 2nd key to success? The team is first. I think your boss is already agreed to.

3. Authoritative opinion. 

No one wants to listen to experts opinion, and it’s the wrong way. Sometimes the truth is better seen from the outside. Mr. Helmut Marko exactly knows what kind of direction Scuderia Ferrari team guys need to move. If your A-team aimed at a good premium but something still doesn’t work don’t worry, you need to contact an authoritative specialist. The key number 3 after Russian Grand Prix – respectable opinion from the outside.

Russian Grand Prix
Formula 1

4. External should always meet to the internal. 

It would seem D. Kvyat needs a new helmet for Russian Grand Prix, but FIA is not allowed, why? Why M. Verstappen allowed? It’s simple: show what you can first of all and then try on a new helmet. No? So, the key to success: do things – tell people.

Russian Grand Prix
Scuderia Ferrari

5. The case is not about winning. 

These words are hundreds of years old, but they are true. Now, forget about other keys and remember the most important thing. The pleasure of what you do, how you do it, how you get something cool, winning is always a reward. Other keys don’t matter if you don’t like things that you do and this is the main key to success.
So wherever your week starts and whatever you are doing right now, remember – love your job, get pleasure.

Your boss agreed. Have a good week!