Rally Finland 2019 should be rewatched because

Rally Finland 2019

Very soon we will see WRC Germany. But before we go back to the asphalt roads, let's remember all the delights of rally Finland. Because I think it's one of those rounds that should be rewatched and here are the reasons.

1. Because of...
WRC Finland jumps. Jumping is being at every round, but too much and too amazing in Finland especially. Where are, and what SS you will know in the process of watching. However, the absolute jumping leaders were Mr. T. Neuville and Mr. Sebastien Ogier (for me personally). Make sure you look at the Power Stage.

2. Because of...
Nature is amazing at all Finland stages. The landscape of any World rally championship round is the true colors of nature.

In fact, we calling Chamaenerion angustifolium very simply  - Ivan-tea. Many people collecting this plant and make tea. According to legend, was the boy - Ivan, who collected good herbs, one of time he's disappeared, and the place was grown scarlet flowers. People thought that was a shirt of Ivan and called "Ivan-tea".

Generally, many people who have weak nerves drinking this tea.

3. Because of...
Not an easy victory. Before WRC rally Finland had started people were guessing about the leaders, but it did not stop to watch an interesting fight for the first position. The speed gap of fastest was so minimal that I think - this case wasn't without Ivan-tea.
WRC Neste oil rally should be rewatched.

4. Because of...
The power of home. You can convince me as much as you want about that some good things helped to Mr. E. Lappi:  the right car' settings, good mood, etc.
But, I saw the message by one motorsport fan on Russian WRC forum, he said
"E. Lappi goes on by patriotism, only" and it's quite right.
It is a real pleasure to see the driver in good shape.

5. Because of...
Lucky newcomer. Agree with the opinion that it's impossible to put the rookie behind the wheel of the iron horse and waiting for the best results because of -  best results in need of long experiences. However, Mr. G. Breen sat behind the I20  wheel and showed a very good result, that we didn't expect.

There are a few moments before WRC Germany starts, but now you know what to do!

Taisiya Lavi

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