To become the best Formula 1 driver. Modern version

To become the best Formula 1 driver

Not so long time ago, Franz Tost told to journalists that Modern F1 drivers too fit for mistakes.

It means that Formula 1 drivers in the past were used to be ordinary people. Something caught my attention. It is not about drivers’ bad habits or will doing something to complicate the conditions for new performances, because they are more like fitness robots, no.

Do you know what conclusions I’ve done? It will be more difficult to become the best F1 driver for now, and Lewis Hamilton is the best Formula 1 driver of our time. What kind of qualities should have the best F1 driver? Why? 

I think I will join Mr. Tost opinion and continue this thought.

To become the best Formula 1 driver

Why do I say “more difficult”? It is not that “difficult” when you have to work hard and try hards and, maybe after a few years….no, it is that “difficult” means almost impossible.
Why am I talking about the best F1 drivers?
Because the best means the most, that racing driver has those qualities that are distinguished from all others.  And the first thing that I realized after the interview Mr. Tost, is psychological endurance.
You need this pure power to be the best F1 driver.

*Psychological endurance

There is not enough to be strong to become the best F1 driver. Mr. Franz Tost says that we have respect modern sportsmen, they are incredibly strong and have professional training. It looks like they are fitness maniacs of our time, robots. However, he talks not about only one or most of Formula 1 pilots, this about all and every sportsman in Formula 1.  This resembles a huge arena with gladiators on the ring.
 Everyone knows the rules, one of your emotional mistakes and you’re out of bounds, penalty, etc. Psychological endurance. Why? Because everyone is equally strong.

*Honest emotions and social network star

There is more difficult to become the best Formula 1 driver if you don’t have emotions. New requirement. The modern age is the time of social networks: Instagram, Facebook, interactive television. You understand it is necessary to be able to inspire confidence. Earlier, people were emotionally simpler. 
To become the best Formula 1 driver

Presently, we have regulations, rules; Lewis Hamilton knows exactly when he can give vent to his emotions and speak honestly.

For example, look at the “driver of the day”, people choosing, it’s all about interactive.

*Requirements of uniqueness.

Everyone noticed Formula 1 has lost entertainment and unpredictable. We can blame Mercedes AMG F1′ superiority as much as we want, but I think that a problem is that all of us try to follow the regulations. There is no opportunity to meet at the big table and discuss; if someone doesn’t agree – he needs to write the appeal. Such internal conflict, all within. I agree with the order, especially it’s necessary for Formula 1, but when it becomes too much when all your emotions have to be regulated, alas. Example?
Do you remember Ayrton Senna? He was the greatest because he really was. Do you think there were no rules then? There were others, but he didn’t lose himself. In fact, how to be a unique person by true rules? However, like it or not, it is more difficult to become the best Formula 1 driver in modern time, because you need to be able to keep your uniqueness with the rules and orders.

This about Mr. Kimi Raikkonen. Why? Because we are all want to see not an easy show, but the truth.

*Strategic mindpower

Today it is more difficult to become the best  Formula 1 driver because, despite the physical characteristics, charisma, you need to have a strategic mind; just like Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button have. In modern time, when someone said only 30 % of success depends on the driver. That’s why you need to use this 30% as 200% it’s about knowledge of how to do and doing right, how to direct all capabilities. The strategic mind distinguishes the beginner from the Pro more than physical preparation, 
I think.

*Charisma power

It’s harder to become the best Formula 1 driver because you have to be a real leader. When I see two drivers in the team, they are equal for me, they have the same rights to the most important thing – the championship title. However, who is determined that one of them would become a champion and the other is not?  I still do understand. It is clear that the case of agreements and heads.

Anyway, what is that main driver’s feature that directs the boss when he makes an important decision?  And here it is clear that it is not enough to have charisma, emotionality, physical characteristics, and mental endurance, you have to be a leader. The most important thing is not to be afraid of being a leader.

I was talking about rules and regulations, but you can see a real leader from afar. He doesn’t afraid to say “no” if he does not agree. These are the qualities of Max Verstappen. So Mr. Verstappen is the best Formula 1 driver of modern time, in my opinion, but I don’t think that’s news to you.)

To become the best Formula 1 driver
Social Media

Why is Lewis Hamilton the best Formula 1 driver of modern time? 

Now add up all the qualities I wrote about. It’s a success story built brick by brick, step by step. Mr. Hamilton created and built himself piece by piece. And let’s face it, there is no physical strength that distinguishes him from the rest.

We do not know how strong he is physically and how much he likes fitness, but we know that he is engaged with music, a vegetarian and has a popular Instagram account. He knows what, where, and when to saying especially on the racetrack. This is a man of our, our – modern time.

To become the best Formula 1 driver


The requirements to F1 drivers become higher and higher, every time with big development and popularity of Motorsport. What enough yesterday is not enough today. However, these add the uniqueness to Formula 1 and allows it to be a unique modern kind of Motorsport.

However, no matter how pessimistic it may look, there are some things that differentiate us from others: talent and our behavior in unusual situations. No matter what robots and fitness maniacs were modern driver being. The best driver is someone who can quickly adapt and showing his talent in the difficult modern regulations of Formula 1.

This post doesn’t claim to be a psychological scientific article, just musings, musings for you and your beautiful day!