2019 British Grand Prix: Formula 1 note.

Jul 10, 2019 Taisiya Lavi
2019 British Grand Prix

Let's see what interesting events were arranged for us this weekend before the Silverstone F1 start. I noted several important points. I'll share with you. Let's go.

Have looking the information at the official website, necessarily on the official. We can use the F1 experience, but who knows more than the organizers own?

Yes, I am that one of those people who will definitely notice "What opportunities offered". I have good news for you, maybe late, but who knows! You can watch Silverstone F1 race with Red Bull Racing Team.

1. Red Bull Racing Paddock Club ticket.

2019 British Grand Prix

Yes, It's with Max Verstappen, though he will be on the Silverstone track. Catch the contacts and save them.

  • Phone number 0344 3728 230
  • Email to book
If these guys are engaged in such activities, then they can be asked to organize something interesting.

2019 British Grand Prix

Well, if you don't afraid the price 4 – 6 thousand dollars, then here's a link.

2. High public security

Just be ready for it, keep calm and patience, it's normal! Be sure to re-read this info.


  • Arrive early and leave plenty of time for searches
  • Do not leave any of your belongings unattended
  • We have a diverse range of food outlets on site so treat yourself to lunch to help keep your bag sizes down
  • Make sure you wear comfy shoes, Silverstone is a very large venue
  • Please see the prohibited items to ensure you do not bring any restricted items
  • If you see or suspect anything suspicious then contact the police straight away on 999

3. Take only what you need.

Strict requirements for what you took with. Here's a list of prohibited items at British Grand Prix 2019. It's normal, it should be.

4. Excellent opportunities for camping.

I'm not a fan of such entertainment, but even I wanted to organize myself for it after reading full information.

2019 British Grand Prix

5. "Fast track Access".

I'd never see the same option before, really! No information on price. From $ 75? Was it worth?

What are the opportunities?

• Access to the circuit 30 minutes earlier than advertised gate opening times on Friday 12 July, Saturday 13 July and/or Sunday 14 July

• Access to the circuit via designated FastTrack lanes – avoid the busiest queues

• Exclusive lanyard with FastTrack access

• The chance to get to your favorite viewing spot before it gets busy.

• And it’s available all day! If you need to leave the circuit at any time and come back later, you can re-use the FastTrack lane at any point

How does it work? It gives you the right to come faster, earlier and take the best place at Silverstone F1 track. We are talking about free accommodation zones. And what if you just come earlier, without these tickets?

Well, now we know "Fast track Access" tickets holders will following gates: 1, 3, 5, 15 and 16.

Generally, it is a good idea it seems a little bit different, but it makes sense when there's really a lot of motorsport fans, all tickets sold. I'm sure that there was still an opportunity to buy it those at the box offices.

6. A lot of activity areas.

As far as I know, no more than 3 zones are more often at the race circuit. Usually, it looks like the family (kids) zone and F1 zone (fans). Everything will be like one big activity area this weekend on British Grand Prix.


7. Post- race track walk place on Sunday after the Formula 1® race.

All other questions and if I something missed – checking here

In any case, there will be a huge amount of events and activities and it is very actually for Silverstone now. What else do I have for you?

A. Take your pams for 2019 British Grand Prix, I saved

2019 British Grand Prix
official web

B. Take timetable for 2019 British Grand Prix

2019 British Grand Prix
official web

Thursday 11th. July (could be changed!)

14:00 Gates 1, 10, 15, 16, 19 open to the public - only weekend ticket holders will gain access on

14:00 Grandstands open

15:15-15:40 Masters Historic Practice Session - on track

15:50-16:20 Formula 1® Pirelli hot laps

16:30-17:15 Pit Walk (Blue Wristbands) - available to Pit Walk Pass Holders only

16:30-17:30 F1™ Show - broadcast live from the Club Grandstands

17:30-18:15 Pit Walk (Red Wristbands) - available to Pit Walk Pass Holders only

18:30-19:15 Pit Walk (Purple Wristbands) - available to Pit Walk Pass Holders only

19:30 Grandstands close

20:00 Gates closes

Friday 12 th. July

06:00 Car parks open

07:00 Gates open to fast track ticket holders

07:30 Gates open to all other ticket holders

08:00-18:00 Entertainment Zones open

08:00-19:30 Inner Track opens

08:35-09:20 Formula 3 Practice Session

10:00-11:30 Formula 1 First Practice Session

11:55-12:40 Formula 2 Practice Session

14:00-15:30 Formula 1 Second Practice Session

15:55-16:25 Formula 2 Qualifying Session

16:50-17:20 Formula 3 Qualifying Session

18:55-19:25 Master Historic Qualifying Session

19:40-20:15 Live music on stage with The Servers

20:30-22:00 Live music on stage with Razorlight

22:30 Gates close

2019 British Grand Prix

Saturday 13 th. July

06:00 Car parks open

07:00 Gates open to fast track ticket holders

07:30 Gates open to all other ticket holders

08:00-18:00 Entertainment Zones open

08:00-18:45 Inner Track open

08:20-08:50 Master Historic First Race

09:25-10:10 Formula 3 First Race

11:00-12:00 Formula 1 Third Practice Session

12:40-13:10 Formula 2 Drivers Parade

14:00-15:00 Formula 1 Qualifying Session

15:45-16:50 Formula 2 First Race

17:00-18:00 F1 Drivers Fan Forum on the main stage

17:15-17:45 Porsche Mobile 1 Supercup Qualifying Session

18:10-18:40 Masters Historic Second Race

19:00-19:30 Live music on stage with Pat Nazemi

20:00-21:15 Live music on stage with Craig David Presents TS5

21:45 Gates close

Sunday 14 th. July

05:00 Car parks open

06:00 Gates open to fast track ticket holders

06:30 Gates open to all other ticket holders

8:00-18:00 Entertainment Zones open

08:00-18:00 Inner Track open

08:45-09:30 Formula 3 Second Race

10:00-10:50 Formula 2 Second Race

11:15-11:50 Porsche Mobile 1 Supercup Race

12:30-13:00 Drivers’ track parade (cars)

13:30-13:50 Red Arrows

14:10-16:10 Formula 1 Grand Prix Race

16:15 Grandstands close

16:30-17:00 Live music on stage with Furnace & the Fundamentals

17:00-18:30 F1 Drivers on the main stage

18:30-19:30 Live music on stage with Soul II Soul

20:00 Gates close

Waiting for 2019 British Grand Prix!