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Perfection Racing Europe archive
After the 24 hours Nurburgring, I begin to feel that Autosport is more than just beauty sports cars, more than a battle of manufactories.
First of all, it is all about people, people who love what they do, people that make cars turning into something special and we enjoy watching this, not just for a few hours but for the whole day.

Perfection Racing Europe archive
and the whole night

Perfection Racing Europe archive
How to succeed in Autosport?
How to do not lose motivation in racing?
What motivates you and me and other people?
What is the racing team needs to succeed and win?
What is it, the Autosports motivation?

Today I would like to present to you a racing team with a great story and tell you a little bit more than just about cars and racing. Make yourself comfortable, we're getting started.

Mr. Michael Klostermann Perfection Racing
How difficult is to achieve success in Autosport world, Mr. Michael Klostermann knows it firsthand. The titled driver from Denmark before, he heads the Perfection Racing Europe now. This racing team was founded in far 2006 year by Kent Steffensen (team boss) and Michael Klostermann (owner and driver) with the main goal in those days - Danish series called DTC.

"The first thing is the need the finances to buy the stuff you need" - Mr. Michael Klostermann.
Perfection Racing Europe archive 
However, you and I, we know very well that sometimes it's not about the money and not the finance. And the racing team has been needed very different ingredients for success. Autosports history remembers many cases when everything was solved by something else.
What is it, how do you think?

"You need to working hard to gain success and always stay loyal to yourself. Work hard and focus on the details. Michael Klostermann is a perfectionist, he has focused on all small things. That´s why the team's name is Perfection racing". - Mr. Svend Aage Madsen (Team boss)

Mr. Svend Aage Madsen 
And these guys worked hard to gain success. In 2008 driver Henrik Lundgaard and Michael Outzen won the DTC series (Danish Touring Car) and repeated in 2009.

Perfection Racing Europe archive
Step by step, Perfection Racing Europe drivers won the Danish Endurance series (DEC) with Aston Martin Vantage. But in 2012 they joined the 24H race in Silverstone and get the P3 overall and P1 in the class.

Perfection Racing Europe archive
Winning. What is a victory worth? Just imagine, you need to go in one way too long, you need to work constantly on yourself too hard. 

Perfection Racing Europe archive
"My examples of motivation, as a team boss... I think it has to start with meeting people in their life, and respecting and appreciating to everybody. I mean it starts with the people. I have a lot of routines with the team like we need to shake hands every time, and look at each other in the eyes, we meet at a personal level. Our team slogan is “Teamwork makes the dream work ". - Mr. Svend Aage Madsen (Team boss)

Perfection Racing Europe archive
But how, when everything goes wrong and you have no motivation or desire, but the results don't please you at all? Familiar to you? Everyone knows.

Perfection Racing Europe archive
In 2015 decided to close the racing team because everybody was tired after many years with full energy. Michael Klostermann still raced in a special saloon car in Denmark, but it was just as hobby base.
However, we are all just people. But the most important thing does not lose optimism. 

In 2017/2018 Perfection Racing team bought the 24h race car Ginetta, new Ginetta g55 GT4 for the endurance championship at Creventic. In 2018 Kent Steffensen left the team and Svend Aage Madsen had become a new team boss of Perfection Racing family.

Perfection Racing Europe archive
"My slogan is “We never give up” during a race, during we are all together. It will mean a lot to the team and they will fight forever. I must stay positive always, no matter what happens, and that will as well keep the motivation high". - Mr. Svend Aage Madsen (Team boss)

Perfection Racing Europe archive
"We never give up". Can you imagine how that works?

Perfection Racing Europe started 2018 season in Dubai – Portugal – Austin (Texas USA) and they won the GT4 class and the title Champions of the Continents.

Now let's looked at more than 80 trophies, maybe we will find some good answers there.

So, no matter how much time I had been asking Mr. Svend Aage Madsen about which one of the winning cups is the best, he's sure these guys don't have the best. They appreciate every deserved victory because it's the win of the whole racing team and the victory of everyone.
 But one thing they know for sure - their future plans in Perfection Racing Europe.

Perfection Racing Europe archive
"The plan for 2019 is just 1 24H race in Barcelona, to test the car and find out if we are quick enough to have a good car in 2020. People need to have good car control, the passion to continue even on bad days and be able to carry on. And in our case, a good team behind the cars.. the passion from the mechanics will go straight into the car". - Mr. Svend Aage Madsen (Team boss)

Perfection Racing Europe archive
Probably this is how it works "passion from the mechanics will go straight into the car". Well, what about those who have just started their big autosports journey and dreaming about racing success? What advice do you have for them?

"Just do it, don´t listen to the critics, follow your own rules and stick to your plan! Everybody will have a better idea that they want you to try.... but stick to your plan...". - Mr. Svend Aage Madsen (Team boss).

Perfection Racing Europe archive
I hope my story convinced you.  Success doesn't come just like that, it is the result of daily working on yourself, work with yourself and work with people, especially if we are talking about Autosport. Probably, you would say - what about motivation? 
Be a perfectionist, and be yourself perfection.   

Perfection Racing Europe archive
If you want to meet these great guys or you have good ideas, and maybe you would like to become part of their racing family, then:

here is the Facebook page.
here is the official website

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