F1 France 2019 official information.

F1 France 2019

Circuit Paul Ricard is one of the most interesting, simply because of its special configuration, at least for me. So, who would say anything about the Formula 1 intrigue, 

I think Paul Ricard will impress us with its twists and turns. 

There is full information on the official website Formula 1 French Grand Prix, but I will share with you the most useful notes about this Formula 1 racing weekend.

By the way, if you are interested to learn more, buy F1 tickets or looking for some concerts, you can find it on the official Paul Ricard website - there.

What's the full schedule?


The teams have finished setting up camp at the circuit and after several days of assembly, the spectacular motorhomes are now installed. The circuit is ready to welcome the Formula 1 circus. 
The mechanics and engineers are already hard at work. The drivers too as they do their traditional track walk, a reconnaissance of the circuit on foot to inspect various details – kerbs, escape roads.

Program of the day

15h: Circuit opening

16h00 – 17h40: Pit Lane Walk

16h00 – 17h40 : Autograph session

19h: Circuit closure

F1 France 2019


Two free practice sessions are the highlights of the first day of action on the track. The drivers take part in the first free practice session which, for them all, is their first real contact with the French Grand Prix circuit. The teams use this session to assess pre-calculated setups and test some new parts. The second free practice enables them to validate the modifications made to the setups because of the information gathered in the first session. The drivers also assess the performance of the tyres and analyze their behavior in view of the race

Program of the day

7h: Circuit opening

9h25 – 10h10 : FIA Formula 3, Practice Session

11h00 – 12h30: Formula 1, First Practice Session

12h55 – 13h40 : FIA Formula 2, Practice Session

15h00 – 16h30: Formula 1, Second Practice Session

16h55 – 17h25: FIA Formula 2, Qualifying Session

17h50 – 18h20: FIA Formula 3, Qualifying Session

18h45 – 19h15: Renault Clio Cup, Practice Session

19h00 – 21h00: Show by DJ of the Mistral

21h30: Circuit closure

F1 France 2019

The third free practice session is mainly devoted to finding pure performance and preparation for qualifying. The latter determines the grid positions that are so important for the race. The qualifying session unfolds in three eliminatory phases: the 15-fastest drivers in Q1 go into Q2 after which only the ten quickest progress to Q3 to fight for pole position.

Program of the day 

7h: Circuit opening

9h20 – 9h50: Renault Clio Cup, Qualifying Sessions

10h30 – 11h15: FIA Formula 3, First Race

12h00 – 13h00: Formula 1, Third Free Practice

13h25 – 13h55 : Renault Clio Cup,First Race

14h00 – 14h30 : FIA Formula 2, Drivers’ Parade

15h00 – 16h00: Formula 1, Qualifying Sessions

16h45 – 17h50: FIA Formula 2, First Race

19h10 – 19h20: Women for the race by Sisley 

19h30 – 19h45: Renault Parade Lap

19h00 – 20h30: Concert by Bob Sinclar

21h: Circuit closure

F1 France 2019


 The drivers’ parade is an intense moment of communication with the crowd. The weekend reaches its paroxysm with the start at 15:10, a crucial moment in the race.
Several activities will enrich this program in the coming weeks to the delight of the crowd.

Program of the day 

7h: Circuit opening

8h40 – 9h10 : Renault Clio Cup, Seconde Race

9h55 – 10h40 : FIA Formula 3, Seconde Race

11h25 – 12h15 : FIA Formula 2, Seconde Race

13h00 – 13h10 : Renault Parade Lap

13h30 – 14h00: Drivers’ Track Parade 

14h40 – 14h50 : Starting Grid Presentation

14h54 – 14h56: National Anthem

15h10 – 17h10 : Formula 1 Grand Prix de France

17h30 – 19h: Concert by Martin Solveig

21h: Circuit closure

F1 France 2019

Where is the best place to watch?

The Chicane series of grandstands put you at the best overtaking point on the track (as Sebastian Vettel proved during his 2018 fightback from 17th to fifth), while if you want to be closer to the fun and friendly Paul Ricard paddock, bag seats in the Virage du Pont stands to watch cars making their way through the final corner before blasting away down the main straight.

F1 France 2019

What the official contacts? 

Circuit Paul Ricard
RDN8 2760 Route des Hauts du Camp
83 330 Le Castellet
+33 (0)494 983 666

Le Castellet International Airport
3100, Route des Hauts du Camp
83 300 Le Castellet
+33 (0)494 983 999

Hôtel du Castellet *****
3100 Route des Hauts du Camp
83 330 Le Castellet
+33 (0)494 983 777

Grand Prix Hotel ***
3100 Route des Hauts du Camp
83 330 Le Castellet
 +33 (0)494 888 080

About rules you can read more there 

What are the best moments of last year?

It seems that you are ready for this unique event now. Waiting for Formula 1 France 2019! Leave comments about your F1 France winners expectations, have a good day!  

Taisiya Lavi

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