Rally Chile 2019: top 5 reasons to watch.

Rally Chile 2019
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Usually, I add some kind of good WRC pictures or a beautiful video, but not at this time. The reason is Rally Chile is a new round in the WRC calendar, absolutely. So, if someone asks "What´s new for 2019?", you can tell - 'Everything! Chile has never previously hosted its own WRC round!"

1. And this is the first reason to see a rally Chile - "All is new".
Start date: 10.05.2019
We have 17 stages
The distance - 1.199,24
Service Park - Talcahuano

Brief information:
Chile’s first WRC involvement was in 1980 when Argentina’s Codasur Rally featured pre-start concentration runs from South American capital cities, one of which was Santiago. Bad weather in the Andes prevented any of the Santiago starters from crossing the mountains and reaching Argentina!
The WRC event grew out of the RallyMobil Championship, Chile’s national rally series, which started in 2000.
In 2016 organizers put forward a plan to become a fully-fledged WRC round.
A successful candidate event was held early in 2018 and later in the year, Chile became the 32nd country to join the championship as a WRC host country.

If everything is new, then the driving here will be a real test on endurance. It means the test will be for everyone. Even if the weather is less familiar to the drivers (Mexico, Argentina), there is not so simple with the route. It is quite difficult to adapt to new places. That is why the co-drivers will have to work more.

2. Co-drivers hard work is the second reason. It's not about the total working, it means working more than usual. That is why someone preferred to learn more about the route. Why co-drivers? If it is dusty and dirty, if the wind blows, or completely dark, the road sees only one - the co-driver! There is a high probability of making a mistake. We are people, we are doing mistakes, even we have usual places, what to say about new places? There is a reason to see Rally Chile, and that is why it will be even more emotional.

3. It will be emotional rally Chile for the leaders. Despite the points gap of T. Neuville, S.Ogier will try to reduce debt. WRC championship is the third reason to see rally Chile. It should be noticed, that Mr. Ogier feels great driving on the same rounds (Mexico, Argentina for example). We need to remember his excellent experience and knowledge. But that's not all.

4. It is prestigious to win on the new round! That is why to driving faster will be so important to everyone driver. And they will show real endurance. That's another reason to watch rally Chile. 

5 The first time is an unpredictable time. When something happens for the first time, it always goes unexpectable: worse or better. So, the biggest unpredictable is possible. The WRC organizations doing a titanic job, especially where it will be the first time. There are a lot of nuances, the audience, different roads and routes, and rules. It's always unpredictable. And that's another reason to watch Rally Chile. As for the organizers, I hope that everything will be going the best way. 

Moreover, I would like to turn to motorsport fans. 
Dear fans! We all love the races, 10 - 12th. May let's remember that it is a hard job for the organizers and marshals! So it's important for everyone to be careful and keep all necessary safety rules! If we are all being careful, this Rally Chile will be one of the best in the WRC championship!

More about the route here.

Taisiya Lavi

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