Advantages of playing video games note

Advantages of playing video games
Gran Turismo


What are the advantages of video games?
Often this question is asked to those who playing video games. Today we will talk about racing games. I will share with you my considerations.

Warning: I categorically opposite video gaming addiction, and don’t encourage this phenomenon. 

Let’s briefly talk about how benefits it is – to “turn to” eSports, but just for sometimes!

1. “Refocus attention “.

I noticed this when you’ve been doing the same tasks every day. It could be work or study, the same responsibilities.
Every modern video game has very good graphical and audio effects. Those allow you to change the usual conditions and think about something of your own.




So the popular WRC and Colin McRae Rally games have well-designed graphics and atmosphere. But. There is always a danger to hang out in this and spend a lot of time. The games are time eaters.

2. Improves problem-solving skills.
Playing video games gives you opportunities to take new challenges. Sometimes standard and simple.
As soon as you have the opportunity to change the conditions you can find the solution and do solve a long-asked question with new ideas.
So, for example, everyone’s favorite “NFS” video game has a storyline. This is immersed you to the virtual world and distract from the fact that you cannot decide for the moment. There are different tasks in playing video games, can be solved very quickly.


Advantages of playing video games
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But, you need to understand that optimal video gaming time should not exceed more than 110 minutes. I noticed it was enough to rest.

3. Mind rest.
The graphical scenes of WRC video games have very beautiful landscapes(starting with the 4 parts). It makes your imagination to work, that means the mind is resting.



Same about Formula 1 video games: there are a lot of beautiful scenes from the cockpit or from the garage between races.
But – to play video games very often is bad too.

4. Attention and concentration.
I’ve noticed that when have been watching to players interested in E-sports very seriously. Auto simulators improve their concentration and attention.


Gran Turismo 6 is an extremely boring game, as Gran Turismo 5, but something makes us playing this video game, again and again. We are understanding more and more the specifics of driving. We go through the same racetrack for a few dozen times for getting the”sports license” ( as it was with me). At some point, you realize that you already know the Nurburgring track by heart! You become more assiduous, hardy, attentive.

But…I don’t even know what patience do you to get a license in GT5 or Formula 1 videogames games (since 2014 version). Unless there’s a danger of becoming irritable. Careful with that.

5. Improves the brain’s speed. 
I will tell by my own experience. Do you remember there was a game TOCA race driver? Do you remember how there were all these leads? So long and monotonous. At some point, I memorized the surnames of all my rivals. I opened the infographic and exactly knew who and what is lap was been; when to go to the pit stop, and when I can get relax. Tested, works, you think many and quickly.


By the way, for fans who like to thinking! Gran Turismo 5 has a special b-Spec mode.
But, it is only if you have a lot of time.

Playing video racing games has advantages and some benefits definitely, but the most important thing is to do it “by measure”.

My top 5 racing games here.

Do you play games? Racing simulators? Favorite? Leave the comments, it would be very interesting to know.