Motorsports live streams: websites and phone apps

Motorsports live streams

Not so long time ago I decided to know more about WTCR racing and World RallyCross races. I knew everything that needs about Indycar. Despite the fact that I have a TV broadcasts yet, I decided to watch all those races by other sources: official website, phone’s app and youtube channel. What’s came out and whether to use other sources?

FIA World RallyCross Championship

I need to say I haven’t opportunities to see this at all. WiFi stopped working during the race, so everything was in re-live for me.

Motorsports live streams

Motorsports TV live stream. Perhaps this is the best solution to watch all the races. I can say so right now.
Anyway, I don’t have subscriptions and it’s very uncomfortable to use it. 

FIA WTCR  World Touring Car 

1. Official website live stream.

The live stream of the official website didn’t work, nothing happened where it was supposed to be.

2. Official phone’s app. 
I want to say that this is one of the most useful applications. What a great convenient live timing! However, I’m sure such race we need to look like the picture at first. What’s the result? WTCR races translated on most TV channels. I have my “Autosport 1”.
Generally, the TV live stream is necessary.

Motorsports live streams
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Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama

Looking ahead, I want to say I can’t watch the live stream any other way as only on the TV channel. In my opinion, there are no other options. 
Official phone’s app.

However, this is just an amazing app. There are cars cameras viewing in real mode. There is the full information that you need right now (what’s speed, who were, how many laps, what’s time) all of these in the application.

Motorsports live streams
Official App

I liked not intrusive notifications about the race. By the way, I saved the IndyCar app on my phone.
However, I will watch all those races on TV only, I know it for sure.

Thank you for attention If you had a similar experience, share with me an e-mail, it would be very interesting!
Have a good day, do not forget Formula 1 race will be very soon.

So, we will be looking for schedule events in the Chinese Grand Prix.