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Taisiya Lavi 5:01 PM
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This weekend we haven't any Formula 1 and WRC races, but the other drivers will work to the full at the same time. Teams going to prepare for important days. So, there are Indycar, WTCR and Rally Cross races at this racing weekend.

There will be an introductory weekend for me to know more about World RallyCross and WCTR. I know I'm a little bit late but better late than never. Maybe you could use this information too and I'll very glad.  Anyway, I am interested to see races broadcast, therefore let's find information where's and when to watch those motorsports live streams.


FIA World RallyCross Championship


Race time (location):
05 Friday    | APR 2019 10:00 AM
06 Saturday| APR 2019 10:00 AM

1. Motorsports TV live stream. 
To be honest, I haven't used the TV service of but almost was ready. However, I didn't find any Rally Cross live streams, no notes or broadcasts news. 

Let's keep looking for. 

2.Official website live stream. 
Obviously, we could watch the main broadcast on the official website? but to be honest I'm not sure that it's available on the main page, but I'll try. 
So, there is some advice on the right corner. 

Note! Pay attention to the countries live streams list. 

There is not my country so I will try to watch live streaming by others, then I will tell about it (in the next post). 
3. Youtube broadcast.
In any case, World RallyCross account has its own channel. If my attempts lead to nothing, I will turn to Youtube.


FIA WTCR | World Touring Car


Race time (location):
06 Saturday| APR 2019 01.00 – 01.40 PM  Qualifying
06 Saturday| APR 2019 04.50 – 05.20 PM Race 1 (18 laps)
07 Sunday  | APR 2019 04.45 – 17.15 PM Race 2 (18 laps)
07 Sunday  | APR 2019 06.15 – 06.50 PM Race 3 (21 laps)

I saved a schedule for you just in case.;)

1. Motorsports TV live stream. 
Trying to understand how Motorsport TV works at the same time. So for me, it's not available yet.
I'm sharing with you information: strategy - the official website - Motorsport - YouTube is my favorite, so I always know what's exactly the real news, and what are the journalist's guesses. 
Note!  It's always better to check all incoming information by official sources.

2. Official website live stream.

It's a little bit easier and that's good. 
Seems that live stream is available for watching on the official website. Moreover, you could check the live timing there.
3. Youtube broadcast.
The official YouTube account has already posted a preview of the stage. You can watch it. The motorsports live stream also will be available very soon.
Note! You can watch some motorsports live streams on Facebook. Yes, I didn't publish information about it, because don't use it.


Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama


Race time (location):
06 Saturday| APR 2019 11:45AM ET   Practice 3
06 Saturday| APR 2019 4:00 PM ET  Qualifications
07 Sunday  | APR 2019 12:10 PM ET Final Warmup 
07 Sunday  | APR 2019  4:00PM ET    Race  
1. Motorsports TV and official motorsports live stream. 
I really hope to understand it all. Although, I prepare to watch live broadcasts on the official websites. So let's look at other services. I took the link to the NBS channel by the official website ( 

Well, let's guess that I'm going to see the Indycar races for the first time. To be honest, I have no great desire to pay $ 54 for this, because of the first time: even I don't know if I'm gonna like it. Therefore, the offer is not very attractive.

2.Official phone's app. 
So here is already more interesting. I do not see any motorsports broadcast, but there is a link for the mobile app. Admit. 
My phone's on Android, let's see. 

So, there are no registration procedures and I want to say this is the best way! 

The favorite driver, favorite team. 

For why it is? 
Finally! All the necessary information at hand, the application is good.
The live broadcast is also available!

By the way! There is an application for WTCR racing. Let's take a quick look at. 

That's wonderful! 
Also without registration, very convenient information panel. 
The broadcast is also available.

Seems, I'm going to watch my motorsports live streams by phone) 

3. Youtube live stream.

Not bad! There are also all the videos before the stage in Alabama on the official youtube channel.

Long story short or what's the verdict? 

Already I said these all those motorsports live streams will be the for the first time for me (live and not on TV). Despite the fact that in my country there are channels that show live streams I was interested to know where else I can watch the racing live broadcast this weekend.
As a result, we have 3 series WTCR, IndyCar and WRX.

So for me, it will be more useful on YouTube or by the official application mobile app. I think those are convenient ways to watch. Well, I will check how convenient those are.

Hugs very much, have a good weekend! Let the results live up to expectations!
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