Tour de Corse 2019: facts for the racing weekend.

Tour de Corse 2019
Tour de Corse 2019

This will be the first WRC France stage for me. I have no idea what it is. So it would be good to understand what is what' note at the beginning. Therefore we going to understand it together.
And looking at the schedule at the same time. Let's go!

Asphalt roads. 
The last stage in Mexico was without any road in my opinion. No one, there were dusty openings, but not roads. I think motorsports fans very glad to see the real "lines" in Corsica! And this is the whole problem according to the drivers' words. Because there are a lot of turns. Attractive, but deceptive asphalt.

Official schedule live streaming time (local France time)

29 MAR 

Route:  Porto-Vecchio - Bastia  = 121,82 km.

SS1 08:29 Bavella 17,60 km
SS2 09:24 Valinco 25,94 km
SS3 10:32 Alta-Rocca 17,37 km
12:41 Service
SS4 14:05 Bavella 17,60 km
SS5 15:00 Valinco 25,94 km
SS6 16:08 Alta-Rocca 17,37 km
19:38 Service park

2. The total 347.51 km.
That means that the Tour de Corse is the longest stage in World rally championship calendar. That is why the winner here is the most endurance car/driver/co-driver.

30 MAR
Route: Bastia - Bastia = 174,50 km

SS7 07:38 Cap Corse 25,62 km
SS8 09:08 Désert des Agriates 14,45 km
SS9 10:14 Castagniccia 47,18 km
12:32 Service
SS10 14:38 Cap Corse 25,62 km
SS11 16:08 Désert des Agriates 14,45 km
SS12 17:14 Castagniccia 47,18 km
18:34 Service park (Airport Bastia-Poretta)
20:24 Place Saint-Nicolas.

3. About people and leaders
If we would looking for the past performances we recognize Tour de Cours has own leaders. Anyway, there're S. Loeb and S Ogier. 

4. Tour de Corse is always different. 
The route has been than changing every year, and there is something of a tourist tripping, which means it will be more interesting to see.

31 MAR
Route: Bastia - Calvi = 51,19 km

SS13 09:45 Balagne 31,85 км
SS14 12:18 Calvi (Power Stage) 19,34 км

5 Nature
Everyone would be looking at this asphalt narrow and twisty roads which wind around craggy mountains, even those who don't know about WRC racing. I'm sure.
Now let's look at this mysterious route. It remains me a camping trip. However, France is not a place for romance, only asphalt, only endurance!

Tour de Corse route

It's time to remember the top WRC highlights 2018!

WRC Tour de Corse: best moments video. 

Do not hesitate, leave comments on what is important to you in the Tour de Course WRC! I would be very interested to know!

Taisiya Lavi

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