Risk and safety at Motorsport events: my strategic balance post

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Often there are situations when we have to make important decisions. Sometimes it feels a little bit the same as you haven't time to think on the racetrack with the pressure. 
How do you think, do you need to overtake your friend or colleague and rival or don't?  Is it worth the risk at the beginning start? And at the finish line end? What do you say about difficult situations? 
When a decision needs to be accepted and very soon: risk or safety? Let's have some philosophy for life!   

№1 Risk or safety at the start.

We are all want to be the first: faster, stronger, better. We've been ready even if the green light didn't turn on or the last second didn't tick yet, we are ready to start.
No one strategist thinks about safety, when needs to act quickly, has to take risks! The risk is making us better.
Would we praise Max Verstappen, if he didn't do venture on start lines? And S. Vettel? Would we be proud of Mercedes AMG F1? Almost all their strategists have been taking risks in every race. Yes, you are right, you can lose all the places at some point! 

Almost all Hyundai motors sports WRC team members accelerated to the maximum before the stopwatch counting starts. But who gives up when it comes to big prizes? Isn't it? But!
What's the balance?
Perhaps, important to understand your own strength and possibilities in details and then take a risk. Anyway, who gives up when great opportunities open up before you? Isn't it?

№2 Safety or risk at the finish line?

What about risk at the finish line? 
What about our everyday? Did you say nothing will changes? Many people beginning think so as nothing will happen at the finishing, but this is not so.

That's why we hope for the Racing Point F1 team (Sahara Force India) new victories.
Maybe we don't need to rush anywhere at the finish?

But you and I have power! And this is our best quality! That's why the Spanish driver becomes a real hero in the eyes of his fans if the car engine is good. 

What's the balance?
The winner is the one who managed to keep power until the last moment, last second, but not the power of taking the risk, but to think about safety. 

№3 What about strongest at sharp turns: risk or safety?

Did you know that the success with victories has a cycle?
"Taking a risk to achieve a goal requires the courage to face the fear of uncertainty. No matter the outcome, either way, we grow through the process and become more resilient and confident. Better yet, building those skills helps in taking more risks and improves the chances of achieving future goals - "Goodnet" website

Well, what do you say now? Risk?
But what about the fear of uncertainty, especially when it's about the danger. Sometimes everything doesn't go according to plan, not always working team radio and there's a sharp turn ahead. What are we going to do to win?

Maybe the safety case is better? 
It seems that it is important to understand your power and abilities, as to have incredible endurance before you press the gas pedal. Moreover, you need to be confident in yourself as to know the answer to "What's your force?" question.

What's the balance?
The secret of balance is to risking when nobody dares and think about safety when all risking. I think this is the right decision. Don't you think? 
However, this is part of S. Ogier and F. Briatore's character.

№ 4 What about your teammate, risk or safety?

Is the need to go ahead and do overtake your teammate and being the first or don't? Is need to be the first when you're faster? 
Do you think it's fair to risk?
You know, there is always a chance to provoke the collision, it would be a bad impression, you can undermine the reputation. Agreed?
Risk and safety at Motorsport

What's then? Is being safety friends?
But still, don't. Then you can stay at the same level as your teammate. It's relay good if he's faster than you. If he isn't you lose motivation! This going so very often. But, we need to make a decision, quickly! 
What's good balance? 
Balance is when you're faster. It's not when you just thinking so, it's not your confident, but other people know it. It's about the time when you do better and people know.  Go and take risks, but only if you are the best! For the rest, think about safety!

№ 5 What should we do with the rivals? Being safety or take a risk? 

Everyone should be ready to fail in these moments, no one is immune to this in Motorsport.
Did you know? that the key to succeed - is learn to fail?
“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” — Stephen McCranie
Many may have a negative view of failure, but actually, it can provide an essential tool for building character. Failure makes us stronger and more resilient. People who fail repeatedly develop persistence in the face of difficulties. - Goodnet" website

Should we need to accept failure and being in safety?
Oddly enough but for some reason, it will not work. Did you notice how much adrenaline we have? What about the most pressure moments? Did you notice how many emotions we have at the racetrack, on the project's realization, working with the presentation or on the exam passing? We can't give up, can we?

Are we need to risk? Emotions are filled us. These become our problem very often. But someone keeps a peace of mind. Why sometimes it seems that Ott Tanak has been hiding his emotions, but simply doesn't have as Ryan Hunter Ray. The concentration helps Lewis Hamilton to win, it's not the lack of emotions, but concentrations at "here and now" moment helps Sebastian Loeb to be great.

Where's the balance?
You know this is difficult, but we need a decision! That's why it's so important to forget about emotions, people and taking the risk, but we need a risking doing the maximum with a sense of safety only!

So, do take risk only when you are confident in it and think carefully before being completely confident in yourself.

I've been paying attention to difficult moments in Motorsport very often. I'm always wondering what I would do or what's anyone else can do in another place.  I do not claim to be the best strategist in Motorsport by this post.  I hope my thoughts have been helpful.  

Now it's your time, tell me! Risk or safety, and what's your choice in real life? Leave comments, I'm reading carefully.

Taisiya Lavi

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