2019 Formula 1 car launches

2019 Formula 1 car launches
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07/02/2019 Rich Energy Haas F1 Team - Online (Livery)
11/02/2019 Red Bull-Toro Rosso Honda - Online (Livery)
11/02/2019 Williams Racing  (Livery)
12/02/2019 Renault F1 Team - Enstone, United Kingdom
13/02/2019 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport - Silverstone, UK
13/02/2019 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing - (TBC)
13/02/2019 Racing Point F1 Team - Toronto, Canada (Livery)
14/02/2019 McLaren F1 Team - McLaren Technology Centre
15/02/2019 Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow - Maranello, Italy
18/02/2019 Alfa Romeo Racing - Barcelona, Spain

How it would be looking?

Rich Energy Haas F1 Team
The Team decided to a little bit of upgrading. Stylish black color and a few Whyte company' claims to the new logo energy.

There are truly looking like the same. 

Perhaps, it's the designer's mind. Anyway, we'll know later if claims go out. The full presentation below.

Aston Martin Red Bull RacingI didn't pay attention for the first time, but the name of the company speaks for itself- Red Blue even more, beautiful and a little more aggressive, isn't it?

Williams Racing
There is no guessing, not an idea, just imagination. I think that this is the only case when they can move away from the traditional sponsor' colors and.....

Renault F1 Team
They don't reveal new colors of the team details, seems the car will have the same 2018 colors look.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas
This is the most unpredictable F1 car of 2019. We were shown only a small piece of photo. I don't think that it would be such a colored Mercedes, but you cannot miss the presentation!

Red Bull-Toro Rosso Honda
Upgraded appearance, standard blue, and red. I like that, don't you? 
By the way, you can read more about the new F1 car on Skysports, a link attached

Racing Point F1 Team 
I expect something truly beautiful (highly artistic colored) from this team's f1 car. I don't think that the pink color will remain, but it must be something very beautiful if so.

McLaren F1 Team
It's perfectly accurate and obvious McLaren would look like this. The reasons are very clear and understandable, I like it, don't you?

Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow
Red, red! Only red!

Alfa Romeo Racing
I don't know how about you, but I'm sure it will be the most beautiful Formula 1 car 2019 at all. They want innovation and traditional colors, and this is the right direction. No guesses yet, no hints. We are waiting

Now it's your time! Tell about your thoughts. Do you like traditional colors on F1 cars or do you want something absolutely intense?
By the way, if you don't know all the dates yet, keep a memo! 

Formula 1 car launches
2019 Formula 1 car launches

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