Rally car drivers' joking post.

Rally car drivers' joking post.
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This is joking post about the complicated relationships between drivers and co-drivers.
Honestly, I do not know who's the author, but think you might be interested. 

Drivers are thick because always sit. Co-drivers are thin because always work a lot.
However, there are thin drivers, just because are retrained co-drivers. Also could be found thick, they are lazy drivers.

Co-drivers are strong, rosy-cheeked because are on fresh air and physical exercising. Drivers are weak and afraid of "navigators" will throw them. Co-drivers called pilots as "taxi" because they can pedal working only, but navigators know where and how to go. Drivers don't name their mates because afraid of them.

They drink beer together and gossip to appearing brave and strong. Co-drivers keeping silence, they drink beer and think about the race.

Drivers always have a strong and loud voice because they screaming in the wood with fear. Co-drivers' voice is hoarse and loud because he's always trying to shout a driver, pointing the way.

Drivers often gather in the woods to a bunch and watch to co-drivers pulled the rally car out of the swamp. The pilots drink vodka and whiskey, to keep warm, and mates take coffee because it's the race.

In general, the pilots and the co-driver know they can't be without each other anyway because they're one team. Everyone tries don't disturb others, when they are together, because it's the race.

They try to not annoy each other when they are racing, so as not to quarrel. The driver has a steering wheel, but he is nothing without a co-driver in the forest in any way. And the same time the co-driver in the forest is, but he's bad luck without a steering wheel and a too long time by foot walking because it's racing.

Sometimes someone in their way, there are judges. But they don't come closer, because it's a race. The also not come to close after the race, because it's scary. The judges call drivers alone and co-drivers have been sitting in a group and worried.

Co-drivers take care of the drivers because they're good. Drivers' embarrassed because they're real men. But there a few women at the races, because they're good as the bad don't taken to racing, because of good women a few everywhere.

Drivers love the forest because it's beautiful. Co-drivers don't, because of the trees and stumps. Moreover, they don't like swamps because it's wet and dirty, and drivers adore cause its "poetry"

Many people think driver and co-driver is a good company and a lot of co-drivers with pilots — a very good company. But there are often squabbles, because all the good, and there should be only one hero, but not all of them. So, there are bullies. And if the hooligans in the woods, they're drivers, because they racing loudly.

They also like the first day because they haven't seen each other for a long time and haven't had a fight yet.
All have to embrace each other, because of the good mood. They're all sad for last day because of breakage and other one won.

Then they return to home and tell their loved ones how it all happened, and loved ones hug them and wash them because of loving. Then they are fed and put to sleep because they are tired. The drivers sleep for a long time, because it's the end, and co-drivers have a little and weak dream, because of the repair a car.

Then they' ll meet in the service park because it's a race again

Taisiya Lavi

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