My top 5 racing games.

Top racing games
Racing Games

The real racing game should be with the box! I don’t understand different licenses or online purchases. A real game should have a CD like a soulful gift. Agreed? But how many of these in the store may be unnecessary for you! This is my top motorsport simulator. There are no better and no worse, without numbers. They are recognized as the best, and that’s why.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

This game will be always popular. The gameplay and cars like a real. There is something featured off. There are no such rules as in F1 2013 game but you have the most beautiful car and hundreds of horses under the hood. I played on PC and this game still in my collection. It was an emotional experience. The gameplay and graphics on all platforms, so it is worth to be in your top.
Android, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox

WRC 4 FIA World Rally Championship

You realize that everything is not enough at some point. I like to watch at the road and nature, the rain, snow, gravel under the wheels. But even more to set up the rally car. So rally adventures for me. WRC  is a game thought out to the smallest detail. You’ll like it if the details matter.
 PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox, Vita
There’s a dispute about the part. Someone conducted a comparative analysis. This is nitpicking I think. All parts are worthy of attention. Somewhere graphics is better, as somewhere is worse, but it doesn’t spoil the impression.
If you are interested in all rally racing details and subtleties, so you could try the Dirt game. I went it on PC but found it difficult.

Grid Autosport

That moment when GT rules bored and you want something else. At this point, you get the Grid Autosport. Someone compares this game with the Driver. It’s different for me. The Grid Autosport is a cross between GT and NFS. However, the gameplay and graphics along with sound will make you love this simulator. Set up on a serious relationship, so get the GT, and GRID if don’t. Logical?All platforms.

GranTurismo 5 and GranTurismo 6

Why is GT so popular? Why is this game considered the best car simulator in the world? You will not believe it, but someone taught to drive thanks to this game! I learned physics laws with GT5. GT6 will join my collection soon. The GT5 like all previous parts very difficult to pass! The game was developed as a full-fledged car simulator.
The game will not surprise you as well as the NFS, the levels are boring, the tracks are colorful, but the process of driving carries and captures. It causes the most emotional moments.  A serious game! I played on PS3 with the wheel. It’s complicated.
All platforms for GT5

F12015 (Formula 1 racing game 2015)

Almost all F1 games convey the unique atmosphere of Formula 1 races. However, they all have one similar feature. There is a difficult passage because of the complex driving. I confess  I searched with Google how to set up the car for passing it correctly before each race track of F1 2013.  I also managed very difficult a license in F12012. F1 2015 very colorful and seemed simpler. This game is loved by Motorsport fans.  If Formula 1 is your lifestyle, so F12015 should be in your collection. I went on PS3.
My plans: WRC 7, F1 2018, NASCAR racing and Project cars.
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