Happy New year!

Happy New year!
New Year card
The time before the New year is a great time to thinking about new goals and saying thank you! Hey, I hope that the 2018 year made you better, happier, you had a lot of motorsport events and sports emotions in your life. I think there will be more! But, Today I want to thank you for attention, for reading me all this year!

It's for a reason if you're here! It means that I have been doing something good. Thank you! Let's do important notes for the New year!
1. First of all, until the clock will strike twelve let's making one more wish. So set yourself high goals. Even if you wouldn't reach the heights, still be proud of yourself!

2. Always does remember the main. It will be a great incentive in your life, even in difficult times. 

3.Doesn't turn away from your goals! Don't listen to others, listen yourself only, because your happiness is the more important thing, and who cares who and what thinking is! 

4. Doesn't forget to improve yourself about important deals every day, don't be lazy. Motivation is possible if you doing something only. 

5. Happiness likes silence. Don't be a rush to rejoice ahead of time, because it's better to say nothing than to tell everyone until it would happen. 

6. As luck is the result of your work, as failure is the result of your work. We need to understand our strengths and weaknesses sides and go further in all these cases. 

7. Nothing stands in one place. Today If you had a bad day, or you have a bad mood, it doesn't mean that will be exactly the same for Tomorrow. A new day is a new story, a story of your success. 

8. Be grateful for surrounds. Doesn't forget to say thanks to people who are happy with your success too. 

9. There is no limit for perfection. Therefore, don't stop, just looking for alternatives, new ways, new sources always. Takes attention for that will make you better! 

I hope my personal memo useful to you in any case! 

Once again, I sincerely wish all best to you and your family! Special thanks to the haters, they always make me trying more and more. Follow me, Happy New Year!

Taisiya Lavi

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