Is Max Verstappen better than Daniel Ricciardo?

Is Max Verstappen better than Daniel Ricciardo?

Max Verstappen VS Daniel Ricciardo

One of my friends asked me ‘is Max Verstappen better than Daniel Ricciardo and who is better?’ That was on the eve of Mexico Grand Prix. Of course, Verstappen is better, because he has everything that needs to become a world champion! But, Daniel Ricciardo is restrained and clever, told my friend. He deserves Formula 1 world champion’s title. Completely different, almost opposite F1 drivers. Who’s better? I decided to think about the qualities of true Formula 1 world champions.

Dare to risk.

Max Verstappen drives aggressive and it’s no longer a secret. He is ready to take risks and almost never gives up his positions. Ricciardo has a little different style of driving. Daniel takes risks when it’s necessary only.

I want to say that Verstappen operates at the limit of their capabilities and emotions in every race, and Daniel Ricciardo more restrained and thinking twice before doing, trying to not to show emotions.

Sometimes it reminds me, Nico Rosberg. However, the willingness to take a risk at any time distinguishes the champion.

Dare to be better, what’s the matter who and what did say!

I think that’s Verstappen’s motto. Under his every successful lap with the best seconds, you can remember the same unsuccessful, and sometimes a failed lap. Despite the condemnation and reproaches, he continues to be better and learn by his mistakes.

Ricciardo hasn’t such loudly moments, shows high-level driving, his mistakes don’t allow to judge him as a Formula 1 driver. There is the only impulsiveness of characters.

Dare to go your own way. The greatest Formula 1 drivers choose their own ways. Yes, there were mistakes, there were fails. However, this is the reason to lead everyone to success. Senna, Schumacher, even Hamilton has his opinion, whatever it takes. That’s what Ricciardo does: he leaves Red Bull F1 team since next year. In his own way, Max Verstappen has been choosing, when a disgruntled crowd whistles. They remain true to themselves, that’s why they have more fans day by day.

Sometimes you think it’s hard work or just luck? Why is one working and another lucky? However, success is always hard work with yourself, especially in such motorsport as Formula 1 racing.