2019 World Rally Championship calendar.

2019 World Rally Championship calendar
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Are you ready for 2019 WRC? Meanwhile, the forums are actively discussing the Formula 1 2019 calendar, rally fans have been happy to see schedule the World Rally Championship 2019 schedule. I think there are several reasons for this:
1. WRC is not tied by one side. It is Portugal today, Turkey tomorrow and the United Kingdom after time. This is great because you can competently be planning your weekend in this way. 
2. Diversity. There are Chile Australia and Finland. By the way rally Finland will be held in August in 2019, so this is another reason to visit the North if you have a hot summer. 
3. Monaco's date. This is the most convenient in the calendar, not only for the driver but also a simple fan too. January's date is the best time start. Moreover, there is so beautiful! 25th January is a special date in my calendar. 

Well, if my arguments aren't relevant to you note a planner the WRC calendar, then see for yourself - there is a calendar WRC 2019.

Monte Carlo Rally January 24-27
Rally Sweden February 14-17
Rally Mexico March 7-10
Tour de Corse March 28-31
Rally Argentina April 25-28
Rally Chile May 9-12
Rally Portugal May 30-June 2
Rally Italy June 13-16
Rally Finland August 1-4
Rally Germany August 22-25
Rally Turkey September 12-15
Rally GB October 3-6
Rally Spain October 24-27
Rally Australia November 14-17

 P.S: I think we still miss for Eastern countries like China, Japan.

Taisiya Lavi

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