2018 Sochi Grand Prix. Some things that I did not like.

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I'd been not intended to offend anyone or discredit by this post. This text is only my own opinion and sports events experiences.

 Russian GP left me in very strange impression feelings. Perhaps cause was expected almost a whole year, or because one of the racetrack organization has changed. However, you do not think about all pluses when you go to the autodrome and emphasize the cons immediately. All of these is a complete picture. I have to say I had a good ticket, not a Paddock Club's ticket. I was interested in attending all events with Formula 1. I perfectly understand that you go to Russia not alone, but with friends who share your interest not always. Therefore

1. I did not find interesting that declared in race track' schedule. Moreover, motorsports show didn't impress me (show of sports motors) 

2. It was interesting at the race track, but you wouldn't find something to do when drivers had free time. I understand that Formula 1 is interesting in itself. However, I realized that there is nowhere to go between Formula 1 free practice. There worked Museum (paid) at circuit territory, but the exhibits have not been changing for 2 years. So I had no desire to go there again. 

3. Too much alcohol. I don't know when it happened, but there was beer everywhere. It was in a cafe in packs the people in the dump, everywhere. I do not drink alcohol, so I was restless by such a number of alcohol.
4. Crowds. I already told you, this is the first time I've seen a real crush. It's scary. Yes, this information will not be in social media you can blame people, but I did not like pitlane walk's organization as the autograph sessions. People stood for 7 hours under the scorching sun, but left empty-handed. 

5. For children. Animators worked at the Sochi autodrome and it was possible to leave children with them. In addition to a small game and a couple of animators with pictures, I have not seen other entertainment for children in this year. So I always say do not take the children to the Formula 1 races, it is very difficult for them. 

6. Transport. I moved only by taxi. Yes, quickly, Yes conveniently. However, I do not understand why the roads were blocked a kilometer far away from the main road. Be careful if you going to the next Russian GP. So, you need to see map (26 Triumfalnya street is an invalid address for your Uber driver, just say him Championov street!). 

7. Concert program. I'm not a fan of Russian music, but my friends are.
That is why they had to look for at least some entertainment to wait for the evening because the concert is after 8 PM. 

You might be not likening all of that I said, and it's the same for every Formula 1 GP. I agree with you, but if you do compare to last year, you could think about safety (medical team, police, firefighters). Something was missing. What's this? I hope everything will be differently good in next Sichi GP 2019.

Taisiya Lavi

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