2018 Japanese Grand Prix. It is just what going to the Formula 1 should be like.

2018 Japanese Grand Prix.
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Suzuka has hosted 12 world championship-deciding races. Did you know why? I am sure this is the case when the whole country people are in love Motorsports races. Therefore, it is a real holiday when Formula 1 Grand Prix is organized here. To be honest I was sure that I would say no one word about the schedule and Motorsports events after the Russian Grand Prix. After all, there was a lot planned, but not all plans pretended to be realized. One way or another, I am overwhelmed with a real joy when I open Japan GP' schedule. Here are my reasons why.

1. For the audience. All for people. Organizers didn't think for a long time and painted all the leaflets (ll try to fit everything). Just look at how many cars, how everything is planned in minutes! I know you are like racing. But, admit it. you'd like an autograph of your favorite driver, wouldn't you?

2. Availability. It has nothing with the prices. Just look how many Formula 1 and other drivers will be here! This is the unique case when the real atmosphere happens! 

3. For children. In Japan Suzuka will be organized a special pitlane walk for children! Motorsports events are very hard for children? cause a lot of time as many kilometres. 

4. Comfortability. I noticed a huge number of dishes and food outlets. Therefore, no one will remain hungry. This is another plus for the organizers! 

5. For all. I'm trying to find fault with something. Of course, there are disadvantages everywhere. However, here Motorsport is so accessible to the people that it cannot makes happy. Anyway, of course, there will be queues, as crowds. 

But, thanks to Japanese GP organizers audience and the atmosphere at the GP of Japan promises to be a true celebration of motorsports cars with professional drivers. It is just what going to the Formula 1 Grand Prix should be like.

Taisiya Lavi

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