How to watch Formula 1 and not getting bored life hack

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1. We don't have Mercedes Amg F1 team anymore.

Wrong: to think about the Mercedes AMG F1 team existence as a team that fights for anything. Right: to remember that Mercedes drivers are not fighting for the title anymore, they just work for pleasure, and it is unfair that one of them (V. Bottas) hasn't as much pleasure as another one (L.Hamilton).

2. We still have Scuderia Ferrari and S.Vettel to. 

Wrong: To assume that the Ferrari Formula 1 team missed the 2018 title, as missed the driver of the century Kimi Raikkonen. 
Right: Following point 1. Mercedes F1 team is no longer fighting for the title, which means Ferrari is the first in the winning list and S. Vettel still claims for a first place in 2018 championship. Otherwise, C. Leclerc is already activated, and his success wouldn't you get bored.

3. Williams Racing and 'not' Force India family business.
Wrong: to think that the Williams Formula 1 team having one of the bad seasons of the year.
Right: to think that Force India (a new Force India) drivers clearly felt the power after several incidents and wouldn't all Formula 1 peloton with Mercedes team get bored for now.


Wrong: Lawrence Stroll bought Force India and now the team will raise.
Right: Lawrence bought the team, but didn't buy drivers yet!

How to don't thinking that Force India is generally a family business, we'll talk in the next article.   

Taisiya Lavi

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