F1 Sochi Grand Prix 2018: important news.

F1 Sochi Grand Prix 2018
Sochi F1 Personal Archive

Few points for your best motorsports weekend.
*about Sochi F1 tickets and prices 
*some words about events and changes
*hotels and booking
*other entertainment (my own point)
*better time to go out

1. You can buy tickets cheaper than before. Yes, it's possible right now. Tickets sales began in the spring. However, were 49 percent cheaper, but almost 65 percent cheaper for now! Just do open the website and you could see for yourself. But there are no bests places. It's not the most successful places and sits. 
Important: thanks to friends who wrote to me on Instagram, I learned about this, cause there was no official information.

2. New schedule. Events schedule was changed due to tours and offer from F1 experiences. Now I'm talking about the most obvious and important thing for motorsports fans - the pitlane walk. There's always a lot of people, crowds and uncomfortable place for children. If you have F1experienses' tickets so pay attention, a cause will get a separate walk at 17:30 (Thursday). Yo need to see the main items of Formula 1 Sochi Grand Prix 2018 schedule on the official website.

F1 Sochi Grand Prix 2018
Sochi GP Personal Archive

3. About music and other entertainment. This is my own point for each traveler. I love events behind racing (motorsports). If you don't have the slightest idea about Russian music, then I do not suggest you visit the concerts. It sounds incorrect but you will not get the expected pleasure, in my opinion. I don't aim to hurt or offend Russian artists, this concert program made for Russian rock and rap fans only.

A few important points:
*Don't try to book a hotel if you didn't it yet. It's right to say try, but not closer than 2 kilometers from the Sochi autodrome, because prices have increased for 5 times! It's not worth the money for those rooms level. 

*Try to take packages (ticket+hotel)  it will help you to avoid unnecessary hassles in the future. 
*If you think about better time to leave Sochi city, so it is definitely not on Sunday. Too expensive and too many people. It will be better to reschedule the trip for 2-4 days, believe it is profitable. 

We will see the official information about the schedule of events very soon, meanwhile, you could to mark "visit GP3 and F2" in your planning book.

Taisiya Lavi

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