Formula 1. Why do you love?

Baku Gp 2018
Baku GP
History is written by these moments. Why do you love racing?

I've been started to write this post for 2 months ago. I've been reading my words over again, re-watching Formula 1 Baku Grand Prix again and again, so you know what? Nothing has changed. I think you'll understand. -Taisiya Lavrova,  author.

When someone asks "What is the passion for Formula 1?", sports cars and speed are the first things that come to mind. I do not know what about other Formula 1 fans, but it's not my case. The main answer - is a strategy and only is for me. I don't have a favorite Formula 1 team, I don't have a favorite driver, not. Just can't Imagine how good needs to play chess for understanding absolutely all situation development ways. Are you?

I re-watched F1 Mercedes team's victory (way to win) in Baku GP for many times. Just look

Of course, we couldn't understand everything's happening at the racetrack,  we aren't shown everything, and F1 teams radio talking done give us a clear picture. I mean the passions,  a cohesive team's real work for truth. All those guys work as one organism - as a small world of Motorsport, as the whole universe at the same time.

*Strongly advise you, if you support a certain team to watch the video from the team boxes. These broadcasts fall after the race.

So, tell me now how much can you do for an hour? You can go to the gym, go shopping. Tell me, how much can you do for 2 minutes? I asked my friends.
" I do not know, but a lot of things you can do. You can have breakfast, listen to music, drink a cup of can drive 15 km and enjoy the scenery" - Sergey (entrepreneur from Moscow)

"Well.....I can do to make a child for 5 minutes" - Anonymous

"Well, you can manage to resolve a client's primary question, and in 5 minutes I can get a credit card, is not difficult" - Julia (worker's of major Bank)

"Actually you can do to many things, to cook, to think. Yes, a lot of things can be done." - Svetlana (civil servant) 

But, how is possible to experience the full range of feelings and emotions in 1 hour? And in 2 minutes?  And you? What do you say about 2 minutes?

There is can be occurred and be overtaking and a puncture and crash, the victory and the laughter and joy and tears, moreover all this can happen for 2 minutes. Minutes write the story at all these moments. Look at GP Baku and tell me, are your minutes write the story? What can you do in 2 minutes? That's why we love Formula 1

Taisiya Lavi

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