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Formula one lovers.
 Let's Go Shopping
If you are a die-hard fan, you won't be satisfied with, only, watching the races. You need to have Formula one souvenirs all over the walls of your room and smell the racing odor out of your Favorite team's T-shirt.

F1 shop online
f1fan's room

In the past, people suffered to get original Formula one gifts, especially if they lived outside Europe. They had to buy catalogs and order the gifts by mail in a process that cost a lot of money and time.

*F1 racing shop 
*Ferrari f1 shop 
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*F1 gifts for men
*F1 racing gifts 

Nowadays, buying Formula one gifts is a piece of cake thanks to online shopping.
But the Question is "Where should I go to buy my favorite F1 accessories?"
There are three ways for Formula one lovers to get their favorite accessories. They can go to the F1 official website, go to their favorite team's website or the newest option which is going to their favorite driver's website.

1- F1 Store, Home of Formula one accessories

F1 Store
F1 Store

The official website of formula 1 includes an official store that is visited by millions of fans all over the world.
You can shop by the team or by a driver. The website includes different categories for clothes (T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweats and jackets, caps, accessories, and gifts) The website has special collections as you can buy gifts from your favorite Grand Prix.
The website has items for kids, men, and women and it's available in six languages (English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish) which make it easy for fans from all over the world to shop there.
The store has everything you can look for. You can visit it from here

2- Shop with your favorite team
You may be a little bit fanatic to your favorite team and want to be a part of its success so you choose to buy at the team's official store
One of those great online stores and, perhaps, the most popular one is the Ferrari store.

F1 Store

Once you arrive at Ferrari official store, you may forget that it's for a racing team. The store is so elegant to the extent that you would feel you are on the Zara website.
There are 7 main categories in the website which are (Collections- Men –Women- Kids- watches- Eyewear- Collectibles- Sale)
    In the "collection" category, you can find (On track) (off Track) (Training) (PADDOCK CAPSULE).
 (ON track) has clothes inspired by the apparel of the drivers on the racing tracks; while (off Track) is a collection for those who are willing to take the racing spirit to their dinner with their partners.
In the (training) collection, you can find Formula one training suit that will give you motivation lifting those weights at the GYM.
Finally, you can check (PADDOCK capsule) to catch on the latest fashion at that special collection
The second main category (Men) has everything a male fan would want from Apparel, Accessories, shoes, eyewear, watches and even a wide collection of Bags.
It's the same case for (women) category as Ferrari cares about its Female fans and provides them with the same products they offer for men
In order to gain popularity with the parents and the young fans, Ferrari has a special category for kids starting from babies to 13-year-old teens.
The "Watches" category has 2 types of watches (Chronograph watches and Quartz watches) for men and (Quartz watches) for women. Ferrari has also some lovely watches for kids.  
In the "Eyewear" category, Ferrari has glasses for men and women of different colors and different Lens colors. Ferrari has “on Track” and “Off Track” collections for "Eyewear" which suit you whether you want to chill at the beach or take your date to a fancy restaurant.
Ferrari has "Collectibles" category which suits the  Formula Fanciers, at that special category You can find SF01. special bike, MEMORABILIA, Scale models, Mugs and yearbooks.
Ferrari store is the perfect destination for the Italian team lovers.

   3- Sit back and relax with Fernando
The newest option for formula one lovers would be going to their favorite driver's website. And one of the pioneers in that field is Fernando Alonso

In 2017, Formula One star Fernando Alonso launched his fashion website. The website is called " Kimoa". But "what is Kimoa? " "Kimoa" is a word in The Hawaiian language which means "sitting and watching the sun going down together".
Long definition, right? But beautiful though. We all need to "Kimoa" at some point. The name fits the brand as most of the clothes on the website are inspired by summer, beaches, and sunsets.
The website is colorful with summer designs in the shirts, T-shirts, and swimsuits.
Kimoa is suitable for both men and women with a lovely summer collection for women in the dresses and swimsuits categories.
The only disadvantage at the website is the shortage of the winter pieces in the brand (coats and jumpers) and some Fashion experts believe that they were unnecessary in the first place as the brand suits the summer more.
Alonso's childhood inspired him to take that step, as the Spaniard driver was born in Oviedo in the north of Spain, which is very close to the beaches and the sea.
Fernando Alonso used his partnership with Mclaren on the track to expand it away from the noises of the engines. Alonso signed a deal with The British team to make the official swimwear for Mclaren in 2018. Thus; you can find Kimoa written on Mclaren's cars, helmets and, of course, the kit and the drivers' caps.

Fernando's business step is more than just a wise professional move from an experienced driver. It's a revolutionary move that will open the doors for many drivers to start their own businesses away from the control of the teams. It's a move that will turn drivers into businessmen if they are not already, and it's also an illustration of how big Formula one has become and how popular the drivers become due to the media and the press which tracks them on every move.

To sum up, Formula one market is expanding but that will always be in the favor of the audience who will get better quality and faster delivery due to the wide competition. So it's best just to "Kimoa" and waits for our favorite Gifts to arrive at the door.

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