Tag Heuer+Formula 1= piece of motorsports art

Taisiya Lavi July 02, 2018

Photo: Ayrton Senna Limited Edition TAG Heuer watches

Tag Heuer

Imagine the most powerful lion in the jungle with the flying ability of a mighty hawk. Now, Imagine One of the best and most prestigious watches companies in the history with the design of one of the most dangerous and thrilling sports in the world. That is, simply, Tag Heuer Formula 1.

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The Launch

In the 1980s, Formula One was the main interest to millions of Fans around the world which encouraged the Swiss company "Tag Heuer" to launch its new design "Tag Heuer Formula 1" at Basel in 1983.

Tag Heuer Formula 1

But what was the real reason behind the idea of the new watch?

In the late seventies, the quartz crisis forced the Swiss company to make a cheaper watch than Autavia. The Formula one watch cost them 30-50% of the Price of The Autavia. Thus, it was a perfect choice.

Tag Heuer Formula one watch is considered as one of the most successful watches of all time, as it was sold over 3 million times. The watch was discontinued in 2000 but returned again a few years later to mark its name as one of the landmarks in Tag Heuer collection.

Old Relationship

The relation between Tag Heuer and Formula 1 goes back beyond the launch of the watch as Heuer was a sponsor of Ferrari during the 1970s, and TAG was the principal sponsor of the Williams team from 1979-1981, before buying 50% of McLaren International at the end of the 1981 season.

TAG also funded the development of the Porsche 1.5-liter turbo engine which helped the McLaren- TAG cars win consecutive World Championships in 1984 and 1985.

So When Heuer combined with TAG, Formula one was, in fact, the common element between them.

Tag Heuer behind the wheels

Many drivers lifted their trophies wearing Tag Heuer watches on their wrists; Tag Heuer celebrates those drivers who added value to the unique watch.


To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Juan Manuel ‘El Maestro’ Fangio’s 4th consecutive victory in the Drivers’ World Championship, TAG Heuer introduced a new TAG Heuer Formula One Fangio Limited Edition with only 900 pieces.

Fangio is considered, by many experts, to be the best driver of all time as he started his career when he was in his late Thirties and managed to win five world championships.

El Maestro

But why did Tag Heuer celebrate the 4th championship specifically?

Well, Fangio reached the final line on his way to the 4th championship with a Heuer watch on his wrist.


Senna is, without any doubt, the most effective and prominent face of Tag Heuer. The relationship between TAG Heuer and Senna started in 1988 till 1994 when The Brazilian legend died at San Marino Grand Prix.

The horrific death didn't stop Tag Heuer from dealing with Senna Foundation till 2004 to produce five Ayrton Senna Limited Edition TAG Heuer watches. All of them were really favorable to Formula one fans who wanted to remember the late driver with his name on their wrists.

*Senna wasn't just a champion and a legend. He was a symbol of enduring pressure as well. Thus, Tag Heuer used Senna in its campaign "Don't Crack under pressure" which was a massive success.


Nika Lauda was considered as the bravest driver in the history of Formula One as the three-time world champion returned after a deadly accident in Nürburgring in 1976 to a close victory of the championship, Lauda was famous for two things, his cap that used to cover his burns and his Heuer watch.



Gilles Villeneuve or as his fans and teammates used to call him " Villanova", The Canadian driver wasn't one of the best drivers at his time but, for sure, he was one of the most popular ones. Villanova had a unique driving style that made him special on the track. His style was special by the "Sliding" using his experience in snowmobile racing. Gilles was always seen with his Heuer watch which added glamour to his Fascinating style.

All sizes and shapes

Tag Heuer Formula one watch has a variety of models, here are some of the most popular models:


The beauty with the stainless-steel case and a navy blue, orange and gray nylon bracelet is, simply, breathtaking.


2- Tag Heuer Senna Special Edition Chronograph CAZ1015.BA0883

One of Senna's special edition watches, it would be neat to have the name of the legend written all over your $3.000 watch.

Senna Special Edition Chronograph


This classy watch can be worn with casual attire or with a suit and tie. This model would be perfect for attention seekers whether in parties or meetings.


Women aren't overlooked.

Although most of Formula one fans are men, Tag Heuer didn't overlook women in its models, here are some of Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches for women







Tag Heuer has always been favorable for both men and women with the variety that they apply on the models. Their watches can be worn, basically, anywhere from the golf court to the meeting with the president ;)

How much does it cost?

Buying a luxurious watch can be on the "to do" list for so many rich businessmen and even for some watches lovers who are willing to save up for months just to feel the strap on their hands.

Tag Heuer, unlike other watchmakers, has a variety of models with different prices.

Tag Heuer Formula one watch can start with $1000 to $2,900 till the masterpiece which is a steel, ceramic, and diamond Formula 1 watch for $5,300

**In conclusion, Tag Heuer has always been a part of Formula One and the Swiss company doesn't see Formula one driver as, only, famous celebrities who wear their watches, but it sees them as symbols of desirable qualities such as greatness, challenge, and bravery which are the same qualities TAG Heuer aims to mark its loyal customers with.

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