Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix team radio messages.

Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix
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Hungarian Grand Prix 2018. Best team radio, text version.

Some sort of unknown magic had been enveloped Hungaroring. For the first time, the magical forces moved into V. Bottas, and then all experienced as if the race wouldn't be more interesting than F. Alonso radio messages.

No5. Perez VS Ricciardo
Force India: “Checo, we have to give the position back to Ricciardo. We have to give the position back to Ricciardo now.”

Perez: “Yes, I was pushed off but OK.”

Force India: “Understood, understood. You were pushed off. Understood.”

Ricciardo: “Force India passed me off track.”

Red Bull: “OK, understood.”

Ricciardo: “There’s no way he keeps that spot. He has to give it back. It *** compromising me.”

Red Bull: “Yeah, understood. We have passed it on to Charlie. We are looking into it, Daniel. Can you tell where on track it was? Or where off track?”

Ricciardo: “Yeah, turn, turn 6. He was never making it!”

Red Bull: “Understood, thank you.”

No4. Bottas refuses to concede the position to Ricciardo

Team: “Give back the position to Ricciardo because…”

Bottas: “Why?”

Team: “Why? Because of the..touching.”

Bottas: “His own fault trying to come outside of me so...I’m not going to let him by.”

V.Bottas VS S.Vettel

No3. Bad luck for Verstappen

Verstappen: “Mate, no power, no power.”

Team: “Yep, mode 1.”

Verstappen: “Mate, really? Mate, I couldn’t give a ****.”

Team: “OK, stop the car please on track, Max. Stop the car please.”

Verstappen: “****! What a *** joke! All the ** time with this ****. Honestly! Argh.”

No2. Hamilton and win.

Team: “Get in there, Lewis. What an awesome drive mate. Fantastically managed.”

Hamilton: “Guys, big thank you to everyone here and back at the factory. That was a tough race for us. Tough weekend for us. We came out with some good points. So I’m really proud of you. Big thanks, man.”

Team: “No, thank you, Lewis mate. Great effort.”

Hamilton: “It’s a good way to go into the break. Guys have a good rest. Come back strong.”

Team: “Yeah we need it, Lewis but yeah we’ll come back stronger than ever.”

No1. K. Raikkonen’s and "no water"

Raikkonen: “You forgot to connect the drink through.”

Team: “Yes, confirmed.”

Raikkonen: “Is the it ON now? OK, I have no idea.”

Team: ”We forgot to connect, Kimi, you will not have the drink, sorry.”

Raikkonen: “Is it ON or not? The drink?”

Team: “No, Kimi.”

Raikkonen: “Let me know.

Team: “No, you will not have the drink.”

Raikkonen: ”No, no, no, no. is the switch on or not?”

Team: “You mean the slow button?”

Raikkonen: ”No, no, no, is my it emptying the bottle or not?”

Team: “No, no, no, Kimi. you will not have the drink.”

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How can we forget the McLaren team's radio? What can we do if F. Alonso is very witty? We've been standing and listening only.

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