Formula 1 German Grand Prix. Top team radio messages

Formula 1 German Grand Prix

German Grand Prix 2018 radio messages. Text version.

We will remember this German Grand Prix for a long time. Tactics and strategy is the main things at Germany GP. We'll never know is it fair or not.

№5. A little bit tactics for V. Bottas

Team: “Valtteri, it’s James, please hold position. I’m sorry.”
Bottas: “Copy James.”
№4. Strange L. Hamilton pitstop confusion

Team: “So, box box, box box.”
Hamilton: “Kimi’s staying out.”
Team: “No stay out stay out.”
Team: “In in in in in in in in.”
Hamilton: “Hey man.”
Team: “Yeah, no, sorry mate. OK just go go.”
Hamilton: “I was at the entry man. Are we in trouble?”
Team: “Negative, negative. So staying out, staying out.”
№3. L. Hamilton's out in qualifying

Team: “Zero throttle, zero throttle. So stop stop, stop stop.”
Hamilton: “Guys I need to make it back.”
Team: “Negative”
Hamilton: “It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s trundling. It’s trundling.”
Team: “No. Stop stop, stop stop. Loss of hydraulic.”

№2. S.Vettel and Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team

Vettel: “This is just silly. I’m just losing time and destroying my tyres.”
Vettel: “Don’t you see the tyre temperature? Can you see it.”
Team: “Yep, we can see that. We can see that.”
Vettel: “Yeah? So what are you waiting for?”
Team: ”Kimi has been informed. Kimi has been informed.”

№1. Same time asks for K. Raikkonen to let Vettel through

Team: “So Kimi. this is Jock. You’re aware that we need to look after tyres, both cars need to look after tyres. And you two are on different strategies. Your strategies are slightly different and we’d like you not to hold up Seb. Thank you”
Raikkonen: “Err I don’t... sorry but can you be direct? I don’t know what you want me to do.”
Team: “Losing as little time as possible obviously but where you can Seb is capable of going quicker but he’s hurting his tyres and you’re as well. We need to look after them.”
Raikkonen: “Do you want me to let him go? Basically just tell me!”

German Grand Prix 2018 radio messages. Video version.

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