Formula 1 French Grand Prix. Team radio messages.

Formula 1 French Grand Prix
Formula 1 French Grand Prix

French Grand Prix 2018 radio messages. Text version

№ 5. Your Team as your family. Grosjean complains of being pushed wide by recovering Bottas

Grosjean: “Mate I just got pushed out of the track from Bottas again. I don’t know what’s going on.”
Team: “We saw in on the TV mate. We saw it.”

№4. Happy Lewis. Hamilton and Mercedes celebrate race win

Team: “Get in there, Lewis. Nice work mate. You just keep pushing the line. Well done. That’s a great weekend work there mate. Real good effort.”

Hamilton: “Great work guys. Great work. So happy for England as well. It’s a beautiful Sunday. Happy Sunday everyone.”

№3. Full color of emotion. Ericsson after his FP1 crash

Ericsson: “Ah, it’s over. Sorry.”

Team: “OK. You crash or…?”

Ericsson: “Yeah.”

Team: “Alright. And remember the switch off procedures. Switch off procedure.”

Team: ”Get out of here. Get out of here. Quick. Out of the car. Quick. Press the fire extinguisher if you can.”

№2. Sometimes it's like a Monday. Sainz reports power issues late in the race

Sainz: “I have no power.”

Team: “PU 13. Position 13.”

Sainz: “No power. Argh come on.”

Team: “Yeah, We are looking into it, Carlos. Come on keep pushing.”

№ 1. Leclerc and Sauber at Q3. Someone needs to turn off the radio.

Team: “Well done, Charles. We are in Q3, Q3, P10.”

Leclerc: “Woohoo. Oh yes. That feels good. I’m not sure we are in the best place for tomorrow’s race but anyway. Good job. Now let’s focus on Q3 but..”

Team: “Yeah, copy.”

Leclerc: “Not sure I can extract much more. Ah, I mean I always can but…”

Team: “So Charles, stay off radio please stay off.”

Leclerc: “Oops, sorry!”

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