Formula 1 British Grand Prix. Team radio messages.

Formula 1 British Grand Prix
Formula 1 British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix 2018 radio messages. Text version

№5. Perez complains about Gasly’s move for P10

Perez: “Did you see that mate? At the end I gave him just enough space not to crash and he just pushed me off the circuit.”
Team: “Copy that, Checo. Yeah we saw him push you. We’re talking to Charlie. Checo so yep, copy that. We saw that with Gasly. It is under investigation. It is under investigation.”
Perez: “Really man? Under investigation? So it’s just possible to just push people off the circuit when they give you enough space? That’s not racing.”

№4. Unbelievable crash. Hartley after his spectacular suspension failure in final practice

Team: ”Brendon, are you OK?”
Hartley: “Yep, suspension failure.”

Vettel: “is he OK? Let me know if he’s OK.”
Team: “Yeah, he is OK.”

№3. Kimi always ready to fight. Raikkonen wasn’t amused when Ferrari ignored his strategic suggestion

Raikkonen: “Let’s try to be aggressive. Plan B the only way to get ahead of him.”
Team: “Understood, Kimi. We are trying of course the 10 second penalty is an issue.”
Raikkonen: “Yeah, but it’s going to be even more if we don’t clear! Cause I cannot use I am not allowed to think anymore, OK.”

№2. Kevin always in trend. Alonso wasn’t too pleased with Magnussen’s defensive skills

Alonso: “What Magnussen does while you try to overtake, pushes you off the track.”
Team: “OK mate, completely understand. Well, you’ll get another shot at…”
Alonso: “Yeah, but we will both crash, you know? And I don’t’ want. I don’t wish.”
Alonso: “What I see from Magnussen I never saw in my life. He pushed me wide in turn 7, turn 11 and turn 12.”
Team: “Understood Fernando. We have reported it to the FIA. they are looking at it now! Head down”
Alonso: “Turn 7, it was quite clear you know? I had to go on the grass. It’s ridiculous, the fia, ridiculous.”
Alonso: ”Yes!”

№1. True feels. Vettel and Ferrari celebrate race win

Team: “And P1 Sebastian, nice job. Absolutely fantastic weekend. Well done.”
Team (In Italian): “Grandissimo Seb, grandissimo. Sei un leone, te l’ho detto. Vinto Silverstone.”
Vettel (In Italian): “Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta. Yes! Grazzie ragazzi. Qui a casa loro. Ahahah ha ha ha ha. Grazie, Grazie mille. Grande macchina, grande lavoro. Tutta la squadra grande strategia. Thank you. Thanks. Wooh hoo hoo hoo hoo. Adesso portiamo la bandiera inglese a Maranello dai.”
Team (In Italian): “si dai, dai!”

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