Formula 1 Austrian GP. Team radio messages.

Formula 1 Austrian GP
Formula 1 Austrian GP

Austrian Grand Prix 2018 radio messages. Text version

№ 5. Finding the missed thing. Alonso complains about being stuck in the rear end of the pack
Alonso: “Maybe think about the strategy or something, no? I will not be 71 laps here.”

№ 4. Verstappen celebrates win
Team: “Spot on Max, spot on mate. Mode 1. That was textbook!
Verstappen: “Yes. Woo hahah. Yes. hahahaha. Ahh, this feels *** good. Hahah. Ah, yes”
Horner: “Well done, Max. You’ve won the austrian grand prix. Fantastic. Fantastic. aaah this is amazing in front of all those fans at the red bull ring...with a red bull. Hahaha. Amazing."

№ 3. The win isn’t the same for any other. Grosjean also had reasons to celebrate
Team: “Chequered flag. Chequered flag. P4, P4.”
Grosjean: “Woohooooo. Mate when you’re going to see the rear tyres bro!”
Team: “Ah man. I’m sure they are ugly!”
Grosjean: “Oh man. Blistered like you’ve never seen before.
Team: “Brilliant. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Well done, well done. Brilliant drive, well managed. Absolutely excellent.”
Grosjean: “Finally I give you what you deserve boys. Very very happy.”

№ 2. Lewis is online. Hamilton expresses frustration after being unable to repass cars.
Hamilton: “I don’t get it guys. I just don’t. I’m not going to be able to pass these guys. Just throwing away a win.”
Team strategist: “Lewis, it’s James. I have thrown away the win today but you have the potential and the opportunity to get back up. Just let the tyres cool. We trust in you and believe in you. I’m sorry.”

№ 1. Sometimes it’s not a same as looking on TV. Full radio exchange between Ricciardo, Verstappen and Red Bull over slipstreaming row
Verstappen: ”Why is Daniel swapping?”
Team: “I don’t know. Carry on.”
Team to Ricciardo: “OK mate, you need to pick it up otherwise you are not going to get another lap. Let’s go.”
Ricciardo: “There’s no point [in] me running.”
Team: “Get on with it.”
Ricciardo: “Punching a hole.”
Team: “Get on with it.”
Ricciardo: “Let’s at least go one for one.”
Team: “We’ll give it a go on the next one.”
Verstappen: “GP, what’s going on?”
Team to Verstappen: “Overtake him mate. Just overtake him.”
Verstappen: “No. last weekend I was in front. Now he’s in front. Come on man.”
Team: “Max, overtake him mate.”
Verstappen: “No, it’s discipline.”
Austrian Grand Prix 2018 radio messages. Video version

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