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Best Formula 1 driver. Flags over The trophy

Best Formula 1 driver.

Every year, the top drivers of the world wear their helmets and sit behind the wheels for one goal and that is putting their hands on the glorified Trophy, those drivers set their eyes on the personal glory as well as the national pride. There is no doubt that each one of them seeks to make his country proud of its son… it's Champion.

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In 2018, there are 20 drivers racing for the desired title. Behind those 20 drivers, there are 15 enthusiastic nations.
These are (Germany, Britain, Australia, Russia, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Spain, Mexico, Monaco, Belgium, Denmark, New Zeeland and Canada) 
And Here is the Full list of the World Drivers' Championship standings

Best Formula 1 driver.

Among those brave drivers, there are different stories of nations who have a long history in the competition and others who are still touching their ways to Glory, let's take a quick look on some of the nations participating in 2018 Formula one world championship.

1- Australia …. Dreams of a continent on Ricciardo's shoulder 

Australia is considered one of the biggest countries in the World and the continent has a decent history in F1. Australia's most successful drivers are Jack Brabham who won the championship three times and Alan Jones who won it once.
The two iconic drivers passed the torch to Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian driver started his career with Red Bull in 2009 as a test driver before joining HRT and Toro Rosso. But it looks like he had Red Bull in his blood as he joined them again in 2014.  
Ricciardo is still looking for his chance to carve his name in the Australian hall of fame and join Brabham and Jones. So far, he has won 7 Grand Prix and came third in the World Drivers' Championship standings twice in 2014 and 2016. In 2017, he collected 200 points and came 5th. This year, he is trying to top his previous achievement or, at least, finish at the Top three.

Best Formula 1 driver.

Germany… one eye on Two titles

It has always been said, "Germans don't accept the silver medal" as the German mentality accept nothing but the triumph and it’s the same case in Formula One.
The greatest German driver is, without any doubt, the best Formula One driver in the history …   Michael Schumacher. The German legend won 7 World Championships (5 of them in a row), his successors didn't let the country down. As in 2010, Sebastian Vettel became the youngest driver to win the Formula One championship at the age of 23.

Best Formula 1 driver.

The young champ won 4 titles; the latest German champion is Nico Rosberg who won the title in 2016.

Best Formula 1 driver.

In 2018, Germany has two ambassadors in the race for the Cup, the First one is Nicolas Hülkenberg who has never won the tournament but, of course, The German hopes are all set on, the leading drivers, Vettel to hold his Fifth championship.

Best Formula 1 driver.

If the German hopes are set on Vettel in the Driver's championship, they are set on Mercedes in the constructors' championship. The German Team entered 2017 Championship without a German driver for the first time in history when they entered the competition with (Lewis Hamilton "British" and Valtteri Bottas "Finnish" but it turned out great as Lewis won the driver's championship and Mercedes held the Constructors' championship for the Fourth time.

Best Formula 1 driver.

Britain …. Long live  Lewis Hamilton

If we speak about Formula one in The United Kingdom, there is only one name that always stands out… It's the name of the man with the most titles (4), won the most races, recorded the most pole positions and collected the most points of any British driver… it's the name of the Living Legend 
Lewis Hamilton
"The Billion Dollar Man", as the press like to call him, is catching the tails of Vettel and only 8 points behind him in his seek to put his hands on his fifth title.

Best Formula 1 driver.

Italy…. No driver. No problem

Italy hasn't seen the sun of the World Drivers' Championship since 1953 when Alberto Ascari won the title, but the country is Proud to have  Ferrari on its lands, the team is considered as the most successful team in the history of Formula One as it holds some of the most astonishing records in the sport.
The team won the most constructors' championships (16) and Most Drivers' championships (15). Ferrari participated in Grand Prix more than any team (961) and won (232) times.  
Ferrari is, currently, leading the World Constructors' Championship.

Austria… Red Bull gives the flag wings

Austria is proud to have one of Formula one Legends Niki Lauda who won the championship three times, but in the recent times, Austria didn't have any driver on the track.

Best Formula 1 driver.

In 2005, Red Bull brought the Austrian flag back to the tracks. The Austrian team combined two great drivers (Vettel and Webber) this Australian German mixture secured Four constructors' championships in a row to Red Bull in (2010 – 2011 - 2012 - 2013)

Best Formula 1 driver.

Ironically, after breaking that magical combination at the beginning of 2014, Red Bull wasn't able to win the Constructors' championship again.

The Netherlands … Young and ambitious

The Netherlands doesn't have a big history in Formula one but the country is proud with its son Max Verstappen who has become the youngest Formula One driver in history at the age of 17 years and 166 days in 2015. The young Dutch won the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix to become to the youngest driver to win a Grand Prix in the history at the age of 18.

Best Formula 1 driver.

Max is, currently, the sixth at the World Drivers' Championship standings with a bright future ahead.

All of these countries and others are represented on the track, but it's always essential to remember the main purpose of Formula One, which is to gather the nations of the world on the racing track and to make us feel united for a common goal. Formula one will always be the place where we forget our differences for hours and, simply, enjoy the ride.          

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