Motorsport Shi - Fu. What does F1 Russian driver do?

Vitaly Petrov
Once upon a time, everyone F1 driver continuing his sports career, but as a coach. As a great sportsman, or as a master of motorsport.

We saw Mark Webber on the Australian podium for F1 Grand Prix. We have been seeing David Coulthard, Niki Lauda and others. They are professional commentators. Felipe Massa opened his carting school, as Fernando Alonso too. This is a huge contribution to Motorsport's development.

What does F1 Russian driver do? Perhaps, you remember Vitaly Petrov. He ended the F1 career in the 2012 year but doesn't being a specialist in motorsport, as thinking. His Formula 1 career included many strange and, sometimes unpredictable acts.

What does he do for now? Vitaly Petrov does a blog on He is writing good posts and very active on social media.
Vitaly Petrov

Of course, Max Verstappen doing mistakes as always. Verstappen has been doing these on every F1 GP 2018.
Once upon a time, he did it. Then he did it again, and again.
Although Max is trying to be better, he is ...very younger.

Max Verstappen
F1 official 

I mean I can read these words or post like this from the F1 fan, F1 engineer or... but not from ex. F1 driver, who does a professional blog and calls a specialist of Motorsport.
Afford for anything to go wrong, but...But do not judge, and you will not be judged. Especially, if you aren't Charlie Whiting.

I want to wish Vitaly Petrov be a real Motorsport Shi - Fu and May the Force be with your sports passion and tolerance! =)

Taisiya Lavi

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