Is it doesn't matter where to win? About 24 Hours of Le Mans and easy ways.

Alonso, Buemi, Nakajima
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Alonso, Buemi, Nakajima take Toyota's first Le Mans 24 Hours win.
Here's a huge headline has been on the front pages of main news for a few last days. 

Why doesn't anyone say there was only fate or bad luck of that winning car could prevent? Why doesn't anyone say Toyota has no rivals? 
What if Audi and Porsche would take parts too? Would the result be the same? 

I don't argue, the victory is great, wonderful feeling. However, this is an easy way. What is the price of such victory? 
Honestly, I don't believe in this joy, in these smiles. The joy of 24 hours work ended - yes, it is joyful. The joyful of the coveted cup in hands - no, I don't believe. 
Moreover, I believe, that all who admired by Fernando Alonso's victory (24 Hours of Le Mans) aren't otherwise as hypocrites! Because Fernando Alonso can do the miracle (5-7th place) with "no power" car
Be honest with yourself and with other people! 

I think this is that case when the harder - means is sweeter. I don't argue, there had been not so good into McLaren F1 Team for lasts few years. But who said that it will be easy? But who said the name of the great driver writing by awards only? 
What is the price of that winning fighting cup, which was gotten almost without a fight in comparison with a glory Fernando Alonso's work and perseverance at the race track? The last as his glory was gotten for the fact that he believes in himself and in McLaren F1 Team
So, don't tell me that you are happy, because it means you don't know his real power. 

About what I am? Oh yeah! Did you have to choose the easy ways to the goal?

Taisiya Lavi

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