Formula 1 best memes of 2018

Taisiya Lavi 8:03 PM

Formula 1 best funny moments of 2018. Top memes.

Sometimes, different races were remembered by funny moments only. Let's remember those!

  • Max Verstappen top memes;
  • Daniil Kvyat funny pictures;
  • Baku GP top funny memes.
  • Max Verstappen top 5 memes

In 2018 Max Verstappen begins the leader of crashing stories. No one Formula 1 race without strange acts.

№5. What was it? Who did it?

What if it isn't Max? People thought by this way after Chinese GP F1.

Just look!

№4. Mistake? Everyone does mistakes. Who cares!

Thanks God, there wasn't a driver! Monaco F1 2018

№3. What if there isn't Max Verstappen? What if....

Because no one is able to explain Baku GP F1 incident.

№1. Just some words "no one race without an incident"

Who knows, perhaps Formula 1 would be so boring without Max Verstappen acts. This guy does our day!

  • Daniil Kvyat top 3 memes of 2018

Who is forget about Daniil Kvyat? Seems that Red Bull F1 Team guy have especial 6th. feel for talented guys.

№3. He was gone but did promise to return.

People began to talk about Daniil Kvyat cause Toro Rosso as Red Bull drivers sometimes acted like Russian driver.

№2. P. Maldonado? No, only Kvyat, only hardcore!

№1. Good luck to you S. Vettel!

Well, who is known that Daniil Kvyat will be a development driver for Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, especially after...

Anyway, I know that Daniil Kvyat will show his best in Motorsport world, and all Formula 1 fans remember his driving as good as we remember Baku GP F1.

  • Baku GP top 5 funny memes of 2018.

№5. What is it?

 guess this was the first question after we saw Baku city Circuit. But both of us known it was the most unpredictable race in F1 2018 calendar.

Sometimes, seems that everything became so clear.

№4. Very difficult race.

People were so nervous as drivers too, like Olympic champions on dopping examination.

№3. Olympic Formula 1 race before the dopping exam

№2. After the dopping exam

There was something really unpredictable.

But Red Bull Racing Team drivers behavior was the most unpredictable thing!

№1. What was it?

These guys made us smile and to love motorsport more and more. Have a good day to you, don't forget Formula 1 is the most interesting part of world motorsport!

PS. Especial thanks to my friends, those guys remember to do smile us!

* @wtf1official

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