F1 Canadian Grand Prix curious moments.

F1 Canadian Grand Prix
F1 official

Sometimes it happens race being in the normal mode, nothing outstanding. All this is exactly until such time with a funny situation. The Canadian Grand Prix is no exception.

Top radio messages Canadian Grand Prix.

What could Marcus Ericsson say on Q1?

M. Ericsson: “Ahhhh…I’m in the wall”
Team: “Sorry? What happened?”
M. Ericsson: “I am…
Team: “You touch?”
M. Ericsson: “I am in the wall”
Team: “Ok, copy”
M. Ericsson: “Yeah, my car is broken”
Team: “Was it Verstappen?”
M. Ericsson: “No, no”
Team: “Ok, box, box then”
M. Ericsson: “Yeah, sorry”
Team: “Yeah, it’s fine”

Max Verstappen is remembered how to drive on Q3

F1 Canadian Grand Prix
F1 Canadian Grand Prix

Team: “Well done Max, good effort. You’re definitely in the race from here”
M. Verstappen: “I guess I still know how to drive”

Oh, chequered flag what are you do? Lap 70

F1 Canadian Grand Prix
F1 Canadian Grand Prix

K. Raikkonen: “So everywhere is the *** flags out!”
Team: “Keep pushing Kimi, keep pushing”.

S. Vettel is on 69 lap or finishing lap or is he finished?

S. Vettel: “Tell them not to wave the chequered flag when it’s not done yet”
Team: “1 lap, 1 lap”

Anyway, this was a mistake with the flag and with public apologies after all. However, this is Formula 1 and everything is possible.

Taisiya Lavi

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