F1 Canadian Grand Prix curious moments.

Jun 11, 2018 Taisiya Lavi
F1 Canadian Grand Prix
F1 official

Sometimes it happens race being in the normal mode, nothing outstanding. All this is exactly until such time with a funny situation. The Canadian Grand Prix is no exception.

Top radio messages Canadian Grand Prix.

What could Marcus Ericsson say on Q1?

M. Ericsson: “Ahhhh…I’m in the wall”
Team: “Sorry? What happened?”
M. Ericsson: “I am…
Team: “You touch?”
M. Ericsson: “I am in the wall”
Team: “Ok, copy”
M. Ericsson: “Yeah, my car is broken”
Team: “Was it Verstappen?”
M. Ericsson: “No, no”
Team: “Ok, box, box then”
M. Ericsson: “Yeah, sorry”
Team: “Yeah, it’s fine”

Max Verstappen is remembered how to drive on Q3

F1 Canadian Grand Prix
F1 Canadian Grand Prix

Team: “Well done Max, good effort. You’re definitely in the race from here”
M. Verstappen: “I guess I still know how to drive”

Oh, chequered flag what are you do? Lap 70

F1 Canadian Grand Prix
F1 Canadian Grand Prix

K. Raikkonen: “So everywhere is the *** flags out!”
Team: “Keep pushing Kimi, keep pushing”.

S. Vettel is on 69 lap or finishing lap or is he finished?

S. Vettel: “Tell them not to wave the chequered flag when it’s not done yet”
Team: “1 lap, 1 lap”

Anyway, this was a mistake with the flag and with public apologies after all. However, this is Formula 1 and everything is possible.