Drinking from a shoe tradition.

Drinking from a shoe tradition
Daniel Ricciardo drinking from a shoe by Motorsport.com

Have you ever drank from a shoe?

After Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix with the champagne podium and Daniel Ricciardo’ shoe drinking, I was getting a lot of questions, because it’s happened exactly at Monaco. 

  • What is the tradition of drinking from a shoe? (isn’t a new shoe to be exact)
  • How was it starts?
  • For why Daniel Ricciardo does it?
  • Why Australian F1 drivers do it?
  • Other drivers – the same tradition

Drinking from a shoe. 

It may be considered a weird habit, but it’s not new at all! Shoey has its history dating back more than a hundred and fifty years ago. At least, the beer boot history happened in England and Germany in the 1800s and faded around 1870s. One thing is common with shoey; they do it to celebrate victories at major events or a party thing among overtly happy and active people!

Shoe drinking was thought to be an Irish drinking tradition, but the truth is no one can say for sure where it all began and different versions of the origin are all over public domain if you search the history of the origin of shoe drinking. What is intriguing as a modern reenactment of shoe drinking stunt is the act by Daniel Ricciardo F1 driver.

How was tradition starts?

Tradition starts when the society accepts the action of a celebrity and repeating such action anytime they celebrate the similar event. The Daniel Ricciardo F1 drinking from shoe act is receiving applause including the sports racing car brand, Formula 1 trademarking it as the spot’s victory signature!

Drinking from a shoe
Daniel Ricciardo drinking from a shoe by Motorsport.com

From Europe to Australia, shoey tradition is spreading around the globe like wildfire; the practice is catching on fast thanks to the millennial, the young people are known for their inquisitive and daring probe to have every bit of fun. Today, it is common to find people in festivals to drink from the shoe in a fit of fun-seeking frenzy and enjoy every moment while it lasts.

Why Australian drivers do it?

Drinking from a shoe
Daniel Ricciardo drinking from a shoe by Motorsport.com
Happiness is infectious, for Daniel Ricciardo F1 the joy of victory was one reason he decided on shoey to make his fellow Aussie proud! As fans often like to do with their champs, more people follow in the footstep of Daniel to celebrate victories with drinking from shoes. It was a promise by Daniel Ricciardo F1 to celebrate his race in Formula One that has today become a tradition among Australian guys. Why do people in other countries do it? Before Daniel Ricciardo F1, shoey was already practiced and thought of as Irish drinking traditions and indeed, its parts of Irish lifestyle. But the culture is also practice in England, Germany for the same reasons others do it – to celebrate, felicitate and rejoice in victory. Drinking from a shoe is accepted because it’s weird! Psychologically, people tend to identify with things that are uncommon and have a wow effect, especially among young people.

Drinking from a shoe
drinking from a shoe 

Maybe for socialization and connection? Active people, the ages above 20 years to around 45 years, want to identify with success. Daniel Ricciardo f1 is a celeb with celebrated accolades in motorsport; he is an influencer of repute, and what he does becomes a fad to people aspiring to attain his feat.

Other drivers – same tradition. 

Drinking from a shoe
Drinking from a shoe by Motorsport.com

History links the practice of drinking from a shoe as a bringer of good fortune, although the same history also talks of as being a form of punishment for failure. Both lines of thinking made Daniel Ricciardo F1 consider shoey, and it happened that it was for the success.

Before Daniel, Jack Miller a MotoGP rider had celebrated his victory by drinking champagne from his sweaty shoe in 2016, 26 June at the Dutch circuit of Assen.
Is it a legal tradition for sure? 

There are examples of sports champs in history who did shoey, including Mark Webber (drank champagne from someone else’s sweaty shoe), Ryal Harris (V8 Utes champion), and David Reynolds (popularize modern-day shoey).

Irish drinking traditions

are endemic; whether celebrating St. Patrick Day or having fun at the pub, toast to impress is a way of life of the Irish. A toast that gets remembered must be unique and drinking from a shoe is a darn right way to remember a great toast known to the Irish people. When next you feel like making a lasting toasting impact, whether you are in the US, Europe or Asia, why not make a shoey?! Thanks for reading this post, and drinking from a shoe only to celebrate your own victories