What would do, if you had a sports car? To sell?

Taisiya Lavi 5:12 PM
Photo by auto.ru
Not so long time ago I'd got ads newsletter on the mailbox, "A real sports car for sale". Is it a Porsche 911 or Pagani Zonda? - were my firsts thoughts. Ligier JS 51 I 

Just a little bit about:
The 2009 year
1900 km.
2.0 liters /250 HP
1 owner, no defects

The question: Since when are Russians drive on roads by real sports car? What would do, if you had it? To drive? To upgrade? No, to sell.

'Russian Endurance Championship 2015 car.
The car is in excellent condition. The car was raced mostly on tracks designed by Hermann Tilke - the Moscow Raceway and Sochi Autodrom.
Honda Mugen engine, 2 liters (250 HP) in perfect condition – refueled only G-Drive etc...'

I mean who is that driving on sports car guy (at Russian roads), that will be ready to sell? He must be looking like...

And his garage must be like this...

120 423,89 $ for Ligier JS 51 I. And, not! The owner is Russian driver Roman Rusinov. I' d never was so surprised.

Roman Rusinov

So many drivers are collecting other cars for being more and more cars. Of course, we all have different reasons to do something like to sell a sports car, we are, but the question is...

A real sports car is a memory of your goals destination or is something wrong with Ligier JS 51 I? I guess someone must write for why this sell, but no more information, what if this had a bad luck? Anyway, if you want it to your garage take a link (up).

Love yourself your loved ones your cars and cheer for Roman Rusinov!

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