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Spanish GP 2018 F1 classification. Measure thrice and cut once.

Spanish GP 2018

Very restless Friday at F1 Spanish Grand Prix. I was sure, this was seemed only to me,but turns out not. Troubles showed obvious something goes wrong, especially after Mario Isola statements.

Why so many mistakes on Friday?

What is the reason?

Why are Supersoft tyres?

Why is at Spanish GP?

"One explanation, but again I need to check the data, is that maybe the super-soft is a little bit like jelly -- moving around -- and this is a feeling the drivers don't like. They prefer a tyre that is not moving, so it's more solid and more precise and they know better how to manage the tyre a little bit. They are Formula One drivers so they feel everything, so to have a tyre that is more solid and consistent is important." Mario Isola.

Spanish GP 2018

Why so many mistakes on Friday?

All Formula 1 drivers had been in the gravel for a Friday's session. Hartley, Kubica, Ricciardo. This fate touched Lewis Hamilton.
That's what was said. Renault's team complained about the loss of balance.

"We're talking about very small margins. In Formula One, those very small margins in one qualifying lap they can easily fall for you, so I'm not worried because it's very, very small, what I need to adapt and what I need from the car. As soon as this comes, every piece will fall in." Carlos Sainz jr. 

This is easily explained by bad road grip, if we are talking about Spanish GP's calassification
Red Bull Team's racer driver Daniel Riccardo referred the increased attention to aerodynamics.  

Spanish GP 2018

What is the reason? Why are Supersoft tyres?

Again, the grip. This was also said by Williams F1 Team. It is obvious that all have one problem, named the clutch. Something went wrong with Supersoft tyres. For the first time in Spain this version is thinner by 0.4 mm. You can talk about the weather conditions, the wind and the asphalt. However, the problem was with the tires, isn't it?
Why is at Spanish GP?

Every year Spanish GP is the real beginning of F1 season. All that was before the GP of Spain is a training session. Why? 
Firstly, it is a completely different race track, it is significantly different from others. 
Second: tests for new tires were not enough. No pre-season F1 tests, nor the last F1 GPs could not show the real picture of the grip of cars with the track. 
Reducing the weight by 1 kg already gives such results! 
It's amazing how and why no one got time to try out this new product. 

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