Formula 1 race games

Formula 1 race games
Formula 1 race games

Formula 1 races, what to play to?

*When F1 games became so popular?
*Topmost popular Formula 1 race games (over the past 10 years);
*How to play on?
*Formula 1 racing games VS F1 sports simulators.

When F1 games became so popular?

Formula 1 refers to simulating racing games played through arcades, personal computers or other devices. We can trace the historical roots of Formula 1 games to Gran Trak 10 that was one of the first of its kind in 1970s. Following the race genre, there were many others that became famous among players including Pole Position that was quite famous in arcades.

 Topmost popular Formula 1 race games

Here is a list of famous formula 1 games over the past 10 years:

2017 F1 2017 is the official and most famous formula one game of the year.
2016 F1 2016 was one of the finest formula one games in 2016.
2015 The year 2015 in formula one game was lead by F1 2015.
2014 The racing genre gave significant space to F1 2014.
2013 F1 2013 was famous in the year.
2012 F1 Race Stars was popular racing simulation in 2012.
2011 The year 2011 saw fame of F1 2011.
2010 F1 2010 had significant space in the gaming world in 2010.
2009 Formula One 2009 is safely one of the best of the year.
2008 F1 Mania 2008 was famous back in 2008.

 How to play on?

Since the development in technology and software development, there is a variety of ways through which you can play formula one games. There are many video game players who look for refined devices which offer a better gaming experience. From personal computers, the games have shifted to other devices such as PS2, PS2 and XBOX 360. Different companies like Sony or Code Masters have license to release games for different mediums.

However, there is a lot of difference between these mediums and the kind of experience you can have through each of them. Although Formula 1 games are quite famous and satisfying for most people, the truth is that you cannot have the same heightened sensation as simulators because they are more realistic and therefore more penetrating.

 Formula 1 racing games VS F1 sports simulators

Many people believe that simulation racing games are a break from reality and serve as a hobby besides increasing cognitive abilities. It provides you with a realistic experience of driving simulators and racing. With the right equipment, you can gain a lot more than merely playing through play station or computer.

Besides just serving as a hobby, simulators can also be useful for professional drivers and racers. It can increase their ability to deal better when they are on the track during a race. Similarly, with practice they will be able to win the races too. This is why it is essential to differentiate between Formula One games and simulators.

The game is merely managed through computer, clicks and remotes whereas a simulator means getting into the actual equipment to the last details. You will be able to feel the aerodynamic details and the feeling of being on the circuit.

It is true that there are more developed games produced to the highest level of perfection but in comparison to simulators they fall short of bringing the same satisfaction. Simulators, tracks and car choices are more intriguing for some people than the others. They offer you the fulfillment which games cannot.
There are quite a few companies which sell high quality simulators along with special tracks where you can race with your own car. It has become quite a phenomenon among people who have always wanted to be on the track. In addition to that, these simulators have been of great help to racers who want to practice better and learn more about the profession.
Besides that, there are also different professional sports simulators as well as home simulators to suit various people who want to get a better experience of Formula One.

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