Formula 1 Monaco GP radio messages. Top 3 text version.

Formula 1 Monaco GP radio messages
Formula 1 Monaco GP by
Despite the fact that Monaco racetrack is one of the most difficult in Formula 1 2018 season, there were not so many radio messages. Maybe, because the track is too complicated and there was no room for normative vocabulary.

Top 3 Formula 1 Monaco GP radio messages

№ 3 Stoffel Vandoorne so right, it’s dangerous, but it’s Monaco on lap 30

S. Vandoorne: “I need blue flags!” Team: “He has blue flags now, he has blue flags.” S. Vandoorne: “Honestly! Is he serious? That’s *** dangerous!”

№ 2 Lewis Hamilton has his own opinion on lap 44

L. Hamilton: “These front tyres are not going to make 30 laps!” Team: “So those 4 cars are all in same boat. So yourself, Ricciardo, Vettel and Raikkonen.” L. Hamilton: “Do their tyres look as messed up as mine?” Team: “Yes, none of them look pretty, none of them look pretty.”

№ 1 D. Ricciardo and Red Bull Racing F1 Team congratulations.

Team: “Absolutely amazing. I don’t know how you did that, Daniel. Incredible holy ***.”
Ricciardo: “Holy tomorrow. Cheers boys. Redemption. Haha. ****. Thanks guys.”
Team: “Didn’t make it easy for you mate. Didn’t make it easy. I do not know how you did that.”
C. Horner: “Unbelievable. You have done an amazing job today. That is right up there with what Schumacher did this in 1995 (1994 Spanish GP) and this is payback for 2016. Give Prince Albert a shoey!”

Formula 1 Monaco GP radio messages
Formula 1 Monaco GP

Anyway,  Red Bull F1 Team radio messages will be remembered by many. A unique moment is to hear so many congratulations from colleagues, sincerity, and joy. This is the moment when the team is whole once. What kind of tradition to drink from a shoe you can find here.

Taisiya Lavi

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