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S Vettel and L. Hamilton

Not again, but begin N. Rosberg, McLaren Last Supper, bookmakers bets and R. Grosjean bad times in past.

Sports journalists are never get bored! Guys, you are my treasure hunters and you'll always find something that isn't and there it cannot be at all! Let's go list F1 last news

1."Goodbye my love, goodbye"; why F1 feelings to N. Rosberg are gone, but don't to Keke?
2. The Last Supper: what was said at McLaren secret meeting?
3. What would be if Romain Grosjean is being lucky?
4. Why are bookmakers betting on S. Vettel?

Nico Rosberg

1. Formula 1 Rosberg laps

I've been reviewing Monaco's schedule. It is difficult to imagine how would be those laps. Although, it wasn't surprising. Nico Rosberg ended his career, but Lewis Hamilton doesn't miss him. But Formula 1 - the Queen of Motorsport is miss for Keke Rosberg. To counterbalance this injustice, the sports family take a laps on Circuit de Monaco. Why they being driving during the Grand Prix weekend? Yes, and how will react Lewis Hamilton on it? Travelers to note.

12:40 - 12:50 - Formula 1 Rosberg laps(full timetable)

McLaren secret meeting

2. McLaren secret meeting

What were they doing there? What? 
This question was of concern to every journalist (18th. May). There are a lot of rumors and gossip around the McLaren F1 team. No one even knows exactly when and where was this most secretly meeting. However, all are sure that the Spaniard intends to leave McLaren. Who would think of such thoughts? It's simple. It was about investments, stocks and capital investments, darlings. Just like this. It is not so clear with Latifi's future, but it is already another story.

Romain Grosjean

3. Romain Grosjean is lucky! 

Romain Grosjean doesn't loosing a hope, unlike Haas F1 Team fans. Unsuccessful Spain GP, sadly GP Baku. In short, all for a reason, but F1 driver fighting spirit power grows for a several times at such those moments. So, don't be surprised if we will see Roman Grosjean on  Monaco F1's podium. Another question is why and how hope could be loosed in Grosjean conditions? How we can talk about failures series? You're an F1 driver, sorry, but by isn't the slowest team. 

Monaco GP

4. Bookmakers betting on S. Vettel.

It's going to be not the best race weekend for Lewis Hamilton, according to the news. Rosberg will driving at Circuit de Monaco, and bookmakers are confident in Vettel's victory.

S. Vettel -  2.75
L. Hamilton  - 
D. Ricciardo  - 6.00
M.Verstappen  - 6.50
V. Bottas  - 10.00
K. Raikkonen  - 13.00
F.Alonso/ K. Magnussen  - 301.00

You know what's more interesting? D. Ricciardo 'll win Monaco F1 GP! Bookmakers are relying on car indications. However, it is quite obvious in Baku Scuderia Ferrari 's car doesn't like city race tracks very much. 
Or, maybe journalists and everyone else wants to wishful being a real, than real things? And how often you wishful thinking?

Taisiya Lavi

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