F1 Spanish Grand Prix. Top Team radio messages.

F1 Spanish Grand Prix Top Team radio messages
F1 Spanish Grand Prix
F1 2018 Spanish Grand Prix, unfortunately, wasn't so spectacular but was pleased Motorsport fans with radio messages. Where, if not on the radio people are demonstrate real human qualities. It is clear that you need to follow the rules, do not allow unnecessary words, but sometimes there are exceptions.

Top 5 Team radio messages.

5. Romain Grosjean running wide in FP2.

>R. Grosjean
: “Oh fudge! Think I’m stuck in the gravel, mate.” Although it was looked beautiful, there is the feeling someone looked at R. Grosjean by evil-eyed, and gravel became his second path at Spanish Grand Prix.

4. F. Alonso VS C. Leclerc.

Top Team radio messages
F1 Spanish Grand Prix

F. Alonso: “You definitely need to stop talking every overtaking manoeuvre.”

3. P.  Gasly VS R. Grosjean

Gasly: “******* guys. Massive crash. Massive crash. I spun.”
Team: “Are you OK?”
Gasly: “I cannot believe it.”
Team: “Are you OK?”
Gasly: “I cannot believe.”

All Formula 1 fan could understand P. Gasly's impressive, but the car has never looked like that, as if Toro Rosso just tired and resting for a while.

2. V. Bottas and Mercedes AMG F1 Team 

Team: “Just confirm you’re happy to go to the end”
Bottas: “ It’ll be tought”

Real Finnish human nature

1. Raikkonen had remind to team for a pitstop.

F1 Spanish Grand Prix
F1 Spanish Grand Prix

: “OK. I Box this lap.
Raikkonen: “Did you hear me? Box this lap.”
Team: “Understood Kimi. if you want we can try to do the start? We pass through for the start.”

Kimi Raikkonen is a real word's master and actions!

Taisiya Lavi

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