F1 fans, follow your dreams!

Taisiya Lavi 8:42 PM

I couldn’t believe that my entry was chosen as the winning. I had been working for a month. It was paid off. Also, it was 1st. foreign trip in my life….. I was like living in a dream!Aditya Agrawal 

Like in a dream.” So many F1 fans who will have access to the F1 paddock are saying the same thing. However, the Aditya Agrawal is not the most of those. He is not just an F1 fan; the racing for him is not just an opportunity to relax. 

"It is excitement, thrill seeing your hero's driving at high speeds putting their lives at risk for our entertainment".
Aditya Agrawal

More than 15 years he's been a Motorsports fan. His favorite driver is Michael Schumacher. He saw him cycling at the Buddh International Circuit, India in 2012 but didn’t meet him personally. However, during this time he was getting acquainted with David Coulthard, Sergio Perez, Nico Hulkenberg, Adrian Sutil, Paul Diresta, Jenson Button.

 Racing has become a part of his life. For all this time, he never lost the hope to get closer to the Queen of Motorsport, Formula 1. He has made many F1 trips, cherishes those memories a lot, but one of those he remembers with special feelings.

In 2014 Shell company organized a contest on an International basis, the theme of the contest was “Share your love and passion for your car”. The contest ran for over a month and the price was an all-expense trip to the 2014 Shell Belgium Grand Prix; to spend a day with Kimi Raikkonen. I took out my Ferrari cars, made several slide shows sharing Ferrari car's history. " Aditya Agrawal 

And the luck hears him.

The judges at Ferrari and Shell loved my work and I was declared the winner from India. Their hospitality was amazing. I got to see F1 from the Shell VIP hospitality area, received many gifts from Ferrari  Shell. After the race. They treated me with a lot of respect. After the race, they took me to Amsterdam where I spent one day with Kimi. Raikkonen. I did go-carting, pit stop practice, and so much more with him. It was amazing .” Aditya Agrawal 

There are those people, whose support is so important for Formula 1 teams and Formula 1 drivers. Their life is Formula 1. I'm talking about adults' adequate people. Motorsport would never exist without those F1 fans. And you can argue with me all that you want, but these people need free access to the F1 paddock club. Although the Aditya Agrawal is being modest about it.

It would be good on one side, but at the same time the paddock would get overcrowded and loose exclusivity.”

It seems that this is the end, and F1 fairy tale ended. Everything is changed in 2016.

Yas Island invited me to watch the Etihad Abu Dhabi GP. It was not a contest. They just saw my Facebook page and loved my passion for the sport. It was the best 5 days of my life. A friend on Facebook helped me meet the Sahara Force India Team. They invited me into the Paddock, I saw Practice from their garage! I was thrilled! It was a dream come true. Words are not enough to express how happy I was Aditya Agrawal 

Moreover, that news was written by journalists. This amazing story calls all those inspired by Formula 1, all those who dream to become closer to the great world of Motorsport, to believe in their dreams, to continue to believe and never give up. After all, the great desire forced us to do great things. And let the Aditya Agrawal will be a person that shows a true love Formula 1 fan all of us!

I do not have one favorite team but many……All drivers are my heroes because they put their lives on stake for our entertainment. It is hard to choose one favorite driver…. I love the sound of F1 cars, the speed at which the drivers drive the cars. It is real action, unlike Hollywood action movies."

Aditya Agrawal

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