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2018 F1 Azerbaijan GP Top radio messages. Curious moments.

The Baku Grand Prix is one of the most memorable in Formula 1 2018 calendar. Surprisingly, every lap had been changed the situation in the championship. Let's remember.

2018 F1 Azerbaijan GP

Top 5 radio messages of Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018

№ 5 Nico Hulkenberg isn’t for sure to continue driving or not on lap 28

Team: “Puncture”
N. Hulkenberg: “I hit the wall…
Team: “Ok”
Team: “Try and get it back if you can. This race isn’t over yet”

2018 F1 Azerbaijan GP

№ 4. Strange fortune for Scuderia Ferrari Fq team’s driver S. Vettel on lap 41

S.Vettel: “How can he be ahead of us?” (about L. Hamilton)
Team: “He was in front twelve seconds and he had a gap to pit”

2018 F1 Azerbaijan GP

№ 3 Savage fortune for V. Bottas on 49 lap.

Team: “Ok, puncture right rear”
V. Bottas: “Oh my God!”
V. Bottas: “It just blew up on its own. ***!”
Race directions: “Hello mate”
Mercedes Team: “Hello Charlie”
Race directions: “He should par it. I’m afraid, Ron…I mean the damage is done”

2018 F1 Azerbaijan GP

№ 2 Fernando Alonso can do a magic but fortune is unpredictable on lap 1.

F. Alonso: “Okay, I need to box….What a stupid guy! He closed me the door, you know, we were side by side, I don’t understand”
Team: “Okay, Fernando we see some damage to the floor, we see some damage to the floor”
F. Alonso: “Unbelievable. You take care corner 1, corner 2 and they crash into you!”
F. Alonso: “They’re stupid.”

2018 F1 Azerbaijan GP

№ 1 A complete surprise for P Gasly as for B. Hartley to on Q1. It’s Formula 1 we need to be more careful!

B.Hartley: “I have a…problem with the front wing or puncture? I don’t know!”
Team: …..

2018 F1 Azerbaijan GP
B. Hartley's camera

P.Gasly: “What …the…***? Unacceptable!”
P. Gasly: “I cannot believe. I’m coming at 320 and he’s ….stopped!”
Team: “He had a puncture, he had a puncture.”

2018 F1 Azerbaijan GP
P. Gasly's camera

: “I got in the way of Gasly. I tried to get out of the way. I’m so sorry.”

320 it's too much. Let's do remember about safety.

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